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Bielbet Hi-Slot Drain

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Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m

Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m£11.33 ex. VAT£13.60 inc. VAT

Low Profile Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m

Low Profile Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m£11.60 ex. VAT£13.92 inc. VAT

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm£3.50 ex. VAT£4.20 inc. VAT

Debris/Odour Trap

Debris/Odour Trap£6.95 ex. VAT£8.34 inc. VAT

Drainage Channel End Cap

Drainage Channel End Cap£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe

Inline Outlet to 110mm Pipe£2.80 ex. VAT£3.36 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

An Introduction To Bielbet Hi-Slot Drain


A Bielbet Hi-Slot drain can be implemented into various settings, from residential to commercial areas, to provide an effective solution to draining surface water. These drainage channels come in a number of shapes and sizes, with each having some key benefits which contribute to these products fulfilling their role effectively.


Features And Benefits Of Bielbet Hi-Slot Drain


As the name of the Bielbet Hi-Slot drain range insinuates, the products involved have a slotted design. This is a key characteristic of these channels as it means that water can easily enter whilst also preventing debris from clogging the drainage path and creating obstructions in the underground drainage system.


One material you would likely encounter if purchasing a Bielbet Hi-Slot drain is PVC. This plastic is one of the strongest out there and is optimal for the construction of drainage channels thanks to its corrosion resistance. In turn, their longevity is impressive, and equally as so is the ease with which these can be fitted, thanks to their lightweight nature.


Bielbet Hi-Slot Drain At The Drainage Shop


All Bielbet Hi-Slot drain products housed here at the Drainage Shop boast the range of benefits we have just discussed. Even though these are optimal drainage solutions, their price point is still affordable, with their longevity only reinforcing their cost-effectiveness. 


The Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m product is one key component within the Bielbet Hi-Slot drain range. Alternatively, if you are looking for an option which can be installed in an environment with limited depth, then the Low Profile Hi-Slot Channel Drainage x 1m products could be the solution to meet your requirements.


As well as this, there is a range of different Bielbet Hi-Slot drain fittings and other accessories, such as the Debris/Odour Trap, Drainage Channel End Cap, Inline Outlet and Bottom Outlet adapter, all of which can seamlessly be paired together.

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