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A range of pipe couplings used for jointing pipes of various sizes and materials including plastics, clay, salt glaze, pitch fibre, asbestos etc. The most popular pipe couplings we offer are listed here but other sizes are available upon request and fittings can also be made to suit specific requirements. View our complete range of pipe couplings from some of the biggest brands including Fernco below.



What Is A Pipe Coupling?

A pipe coupling is a type of coupling that allows you to connect parts of two different materials and diameters together without the need for adhesives or welding, so you can modify or extend existing underground drainage systems with the minimum of mess and fuss. Pipe couplings come in all different types and sizes, including simple standard pipe fittings that connect two straight pipes and more complicated couplings that connect several pipes or connect around corners, and can connect to all materials from clay to metal and wood. Pipe adaptors and couplings can be used for anything from simply joining two parts together or connecting two parts of different sizes and materials, making them an extremely adaptable product to use. They can also be installed very easily using flexible adaptors or clips rather than messy or fiddly methods like adhesive, allowing you to get on with the job quickly.

Types Of Pipe Coupling

Pipe couplings come in all shapes and sizes, and at the Drainage Shop we stock everything from pipe couplings to rubber couplings for pipes to make your life easier. We stock drain coupling products which can connect pipes together, drainage tees which can be used to join two existing systems into one or split one into two, we stock drainage pipe elbows that connect pipes using a bend, we stock adaptors for connecting pipes of different sizes and materials, and we stock plastic end caps to help you finish off an installation to prevent leaks. 

By using pipe couplings rather than other types of coupling you can save a lot of hassle and expense when it comes to replacing sections of underground drainage or above ground drainage. It’s quick and easy to swap out different sections as well as to connect different materials and sizes together, which might otherwise require you to replace whole sections or undertake messy and invasive work to join them together. It’s also much safer, allowing you to ensure that all of your pipe adaptors are working as intended to the same standard rather than a mix of different types of joins. 


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