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A range of ducting pipes and accessories in various colours to suit different services and a full range of ancillary items. The Drainage Shops complete range of ducting pipes and accessories is manufactured to BS-EN50086-2-4. 

We are able to supply ducting of other materials and specifications on request, such as ENATs 12-24 Ridgiduct for Electricity mains cables and grey Telecommunications ducting, please call the sales team who will be happy to advise


An Introduction To Ducting Pipes & Accessories

When it comes to constructing an efficient drainage system, one product which should be considered instantaneously is ducting pipes. Whether it is for a residential building or a more industrial space, these specific ducting components play a variety of important roles. From providing ventilation and facilitating the flow of air from one location to another, to simply protecting wires and electrical systems, there are specific ducting pipes & accessories that can suit your requirements and overall needs. At the Drainage Shop, we have a number of these specifc ducting pipes and accessories you can buy, all of which can perform different functions admirably. 

Features And Benefits of Ducting Pipes & Accessories

When talking about ducting pipes, this is a collective term for a number of products which are used for a number of different reasons. These can either be used to transport water, protect already existing pipes or even just to increase the overall ventilation of a building, however, one thing that is applicable to all of these is their high quality construction. Highly durable plastics such as PVC are commonly used when creating ducting pipes & accessories, and not only does this result in a product that is resistant and strong as a whole, but also one that is flexible and can be easily cut in order to suit a project's requirements.

To accompany the wide range of ducting pipes out there, a handful of ducting accessories and accompanying components help optimise the functionality of these products. For example, a duct access chamber can be used for easy maintenance to sections of ducting pipes without any need for external resources of equipment. As well as this, there are some other ducting accessories such as market tape and polypropylene rope which can be used to clearly identify the different types of ducting pipe.

Ducting Pipes & Accessories At The Drainage Shop

If you are in need of ducting pipes and accessories, then we here at the Drainage Shop stock a wide range of products, each of which could be optimal in regards to your respective project.

One of the main types of ducting pipes we stock is the twinwall ducting, and this is specifically used in regards to carrying surface water under surfaces such as roads, paths and driveways. In a literal sense, the name twin wall is derived from the construction of these ducting pipes, with it essentially being smooth and corrugated HDPE pipes that are welded together. Due to this, these ducting pipes are impressively strong and durable, requiring little to no maintenance once fitted under an obstruction.

Another of the key ducting pipes we house on site is the red electrical ducting. As the name denotes, these are primarily used in correlation with wiring and electrical systems, being used to protect various forms of cables. These come in a range of diameters, from 40mm, all the way to 110mm, and span up to 50m. Due to their design, these are easily identifiable from other forms of ducting pipes, and their environmental resistant material only helps to enhance the safety of a location, whether that is indoor or outdoor.

Constructed from the durable and flexible PVC, blue water pipe ducting are another option when it comes to ducting pipes we have at the Drainage Shop. Like with the aforementioned twinwall ducting pipes, the primary function of these is to carry water, however, these act more as a protective casing for already installed underwater systems. Due to the materials in use, this shields pipes from any external damage and elements, and their varying diameters can accommodate a whole number of different pipes. From 63mm to 110mm in diameter, these 50m long ducting pipes can also be easily cut down in order to best suit your requirements.

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