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Plastic End Caps

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82-92mm Flexible Cap

82-92mm Flexible Cap£7.93 ex. VAT£9.52 inc. VAT

105-115mm Flexible Cap

105-115mm Flexible Cap£7.28 ex. VAT£8.74 inc. VAT

155-165mm Flexible Cap

155-165mm Flexible Cap£12.46 ex. VAT£14.95 inc. VAT

8mm Nut Driver

8mm Nut Driver£9.34 ex. VAT£11.21 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items


An Introduction to Plastic End Caps

Frequent fixtures in both drainage and plumbing applications, plastic end caps are a type of pipe connector specifically used when it comes to sealing the end of a pipe. They are often referred to as drainage end caps within the industry and are designed in a way that offers ease of instalment. This is achieved by simply presenting a rubber sleeve and accompanying metal band which helps secure the plastic end caps in place.  Their overall design is relatively similar to drainage pipe elbow couplings too.

Plastic end caps can be utilised in both residential and commercial settings and act as a barrier between the outside world and a drainage system, as well as providing some additional protection when it comes to the transportation of wastewater and other fluid by products. Despite their simplistic design, plastic end caps offer a host of different solutions and benefits, some of which we will be detailing below.

Features and Benefits of Plastic End Caps

When it comes to the versatility of plastic end caps these products are some of the strongest from within our flexible drain coupling range, this is one of their strong suits as they can be integrated into drainage systems regardless of the material of pipe already in use. Whether it is cast iron, ABS, or the more predominant PVC, plastic end caps can be paired alongside all of these in order to provide a watertight seal. Not only does this protect the corresponding drainage system by keeping all wastewater and fluids in, but it also increases the overall safety of the building and its surrounding areas, by practically negating any potential leaks.

Another benefit of plastic end caps is that they can be used to seal pipes that are no longer in use, such as when closing off a branch of pipe, by sealing off the end of pipe and preventing it from becoming a conduit for pests or debris to enter the pipe system. In addition to this, these plastic end caps are also extremely useful when it comes to pipes that have been cut or previously damaged, as once again, they can prevent leaks and stop any potential further damage.

Plastic End Caps at The Drainage Shop

The plastic end caps we stock at the Drainage Shop are known for their durability and overall quality. This is achieved via their construction which intentionally combines elemental resistant rubber with some stainless-steel bandings to provide both stability as well as protection.

We have several different sizes of these plastic end caps, including 110mm drainage pipe end cap and 160mm drainage pipe end cap. We also stock a variety of drain caps within our Fernco plumbing range which may be useful if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Despite the utility these plastic end caps offer for any plumbing or drainage system they are implemented in, they still manage to maintain a relatively low and cost-effective price, meaning you will not have to break the bank. In addition, as plastic end caps can also be easily fitted without the required need for any complex apparatus or manned tools, they also help to reduce potential costs this way also, which can also be attributed to their long lasting and maintenance free nature.


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