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WC Pan Connectors

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Straight Pan Connector

Straight Pan Connector£4.37 ex. VAT£5.24 inc. VAT

Offset Pan Connector

Offset Pan Connector£3.33 ex. VAT£4.00 inc. VAT

Bent Pan Connector

Bent Pan Connector£5.50 ex. VAT£6.60 inc. VAT

Bent Pan Connector with 32mm Inlet

Bent Pan Connector with 32mm Inlet£7.65 ex. VAT£9.18 inc. VAT

Flexible Pan Connector

Flexible Pan Connector£13.82 ex. VAT£16.58 inc. VAT

Swan Neck Pan Connector

Swan Neck Pan Connector£9.45 ex. VAT£11.34 inc. VAT

Pan Connector Extension

Pan Connector Extension£4.76 ex. VAT£5.71 inc. VAT

McAlpine Rodent Barrier

McAlpine Rodent Barrier£15.50 ex. VAT£18.60 inc. VAT

Talon 110mm Pipe Collar

Talon 110mm Pipe Collar£2.75  -  £4.95 ex. VAT£3.30  -  £5.94 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

An Introduction To WC Pan Connectors


As their name implies, WC pan connectors are used to connect the bowl of a toilet, referred to as the pan, to the waste pipes of the respective sewage or sanitary underground drainage system. These WC pan connectors ensure watertight connections that are secure, making sure that waste disposal is hygienic and efficient as a whole. 


WC pan connectors actually come in a number of different shapes and sizes, each performing their own unique roles and coming coupled with some unique benefits. We stock a number of these at The Drainage Shop, with the collection available being able to accommodate various installation scenarios.


Features And Benefits Of WC Pan Connectors


When it comes to WC pan connectors, these fall under the categorisation of soil pipes and fittings, and as a result of this, feature similar materials in their construction. The main thing used in the construction of WC pan connectors is PVC, with this being a plastic with a wide range of desirable qualities. One of the defining things PVC is ideal for is its overall durability. This plastic is strong in nature, being able to withstand any external forces it may come in contact with.


Not only this but PVC is also extremely resilient to the elements, especially water and chemicals. WIthWC pan connectors, once fitted these are extremely likely to come into contact with water, both clean and waster, as well as chemicals when toilets are being cleaned. Despite this, the PVC is resilient to all of this, not being affected by chemical or water abrasion. Consequently, WC pan connectors can remain efficient and relatively maintenance free, preventing leaks due to the overall durability and resistance of the PVC in use.


In addition to all of this, the WC pan connectors actually have a respectable pipe diameter, with these being able to accommodate large volumes of water flow, with this being essential when flushing a toilet. Due to this, this can reduce clogs and general blockages, allowing water and any accompanying debris to flow freely to its desired sanitary drainage system. All of the benefits associated with materials used can also be applied to both 160mm pushfit soil pipe system components and pipe support products.


WC Pan Connectors At The Drainage Shop


One of the most conventional WC and toilet pan connectors we have on site is the Straight Pan Connector. This can easily be implemented into any new or pre-established plumbing systems if the toilet and soil pipes are already properly aligned. However, should this not be the case, then the Flexible Pan Connectors may be a more ideal choice, with these being able to move if the alignment is a little less convenient.


In addition to this, if the distance between the toilet pan and the drainage pipe is unconventionally long, then we also have some Pan Connector Extension products, with these being able to bridge the distance whilst being able to maintain a secure connection and passage for wastewater to flow through.


In order to not stand out in a bathroom or toilet, all of the WC and toilet pan connector products on site are created using white PVC, with their sleek and simple aesthetic slotting in alongside the toilet system. Although this may not sound like much, these WC pan connectors can remain hidden in plain site, all whilst performing their essential drainage role.

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