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25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils

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Black MDPE 25mm x 25m coil

Black MDPE 25mm x 25m coil£29.32 ex. VAT£35.18 inc. VAT

Black MDPE 25mm x 50m Coil

Black MDPE 25mm x 50m Coil£58.64 ex. VAT£70.37 inc. VAT

Black MDPE 25mm x 100m Coil

Black MDPE 25mm x 100m Coil£117.27 ex. VAT£140.72 inc. VAT

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)£8.95 ex. VAT£10.74 inc. VAT

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)£32.99 ex. VAT£39.59 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils


25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils, purchased from the Drainage Shop, are specifically designed for the efficient distribution of non-drinking water. These pipes are composed of medium-density polyethylene, known as MDPE, a material renowned for its robust performance in high-pressure environments. They are predominantly used in underground systems for underground drainage and water transport in both residential and commercial settings. The coils’ design significantly enhances ease of handling and installation.

Within the Drainage Shop’s assortment of MDPE pipes, the 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils stand out for their capability to transport non-potable water from central systems to targeted areas. They exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion and abrasion, ensuring stable and durable operation in various water supply systems. Their flexibility is a major advantage in scenarios where rigid pipes would be less effective or more difficult to install.

Features And Benefits Of 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils


Opting for 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils is beneficial due to their installation ease, a result of their flexible design. This flexibility not only simplifies installation but also reduces the likelihood of leaks, thus cutting down on maintenance and repair expenses. The coils’ resistance to chemicals and corrosion is crucial in preserving the quality of the water being transported. Unlike segmented pipe systems, these coils offer a continuous distribution path, minimising potential failure points.


The black colour indicates their suitability for various types of water conveyance. These 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils are praised for their continuous flow capability, reducing the need for multiple connections common in more rigid pipe systems. The Drainage Shop also provides a 25mm Blue MDPE Water Pipe Coil variant, ideal for transporting potable water.


25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop’s range includes a variety of 25mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coil lengths, catering to different project requirements. These coils, with a diameter equivalent to the 25mm blue versions, are apt for similar applications but offer more choices for specific water distribution needs. Tools like the MDPE Pipe Cutter are also available for purchase, facilitating precise cutting of the pipes to desired lengths.

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