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32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils

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Black MDPE 32mm x 25m Coil

Black MDPE 32mm x 25m Coil£47.89 ex. VAT£57.47 inc. VAT

Black MDPE 32mm x 50m Coil

Black MDPE 32mm x 50m Coil£97.55 ex. VAT£117.06 inc. VAT

Black MDPE 32mm x 100m Coil

Black MDPE 32mm x 100m Coil£191.56 ex. VAT£229.87 inc. VAT

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)£8.95 ex. VAT£10.74 inc. VAT

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)£32.99 ex. VAT£39.59 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils


From the Drainage Shop catalogue, you can purchase 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils that are tailored for the effective distribution of non-potable water. These pipes, made from medium-density polyethylene, more commonly referred to as MDPE, are known for their exceptional performance in high-pressure settings. 


Primarily used in underground drainage and water transportation systems, they are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Their coil design significantly improves handling and installation processes.

In the Drainage Shop’s diverse range of MDPE pipes, the 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils are specially designed for transporting non-drinking water from central supply systems to specific locations. These pipes are highly resistant to both corrosion and abrasion, offering reliable and long-lasting service in a variety of water supply systems. The flexible nature of these coils makes them an ideal solution in situations where traditional rigid piping would not be as effective.

Features And Benefits Of 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils


Choosing 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils brings numerous benefits, notably their ease of installation due to their flexible construction. This flexibility also means a lower chance of leaks, leading to reduced maintenance and repair costs. The coils’ resistance to chemicals and corrosion is key to maintaining the integrity of the transported water. These coils provide a seamless distribution network, avoiding the complications associated with segmented pipe systems


Their black colour is indicative of their versatility in various water transportation applications. Noted for their ability to maintain a continuous flow, these 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils alleviate the need for frequent connections, a common issue with more rigid piping. The Drainage Shop also has a 32mm Blue MDPE Water Pipe Coil option, particularly suited for potable water.


32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop offers an array of 32mm Black MDPE Water Pipe Coils, providing various lengths to meet the needs of different projects. Additionally, tools like the MDPE Pipe Cutter are available to customise the pipe lengths as per project requirements.

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