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Manufactured in the UK, our waste pipe systems and waste pipe fittings are produced using the highest quality materials and are produced to the relevant British Standard and are size compatible with most leading UK manufacturers. Available in a choice of colours, Black, Grey and White. The pushfit and solvent systems are not directly compatible with each other but can be connected using the universal compression fittings

What Are Waste Pipe Systems?

Waste pipe systems are designed to transfer waste water from fixtures in a building to an external or mains sewerage system. They are distinct from soil pipes in that they are designed to carry grey water from showers, baths and sinks to the sewer rather than soil from toilets, bidets and urinals. The waste pipe systems range at the Drainage Shop contains everything a builder or domestic user needs to create a complete waste water system for a house, commercial premises or office buildings to a high standard and in a cost effective manner. All of our waste pipes are made from high quality plastic that is durable and strong for extra safety and peace of mind.

What Waste Pipe Systems Are There?

Our waste pipe systems range contains a huge variety of different products designed to help you create a waste water system and underground waste pipe and fittings to your required specifications. Our product ranges are split by the type of connection between parts, of which we have push fit, universal compression and solvent weld. Each of these product ranges have everything from straight parts of different lengths to a wide variety of bends of different angles, branches of different  quantity and angle and other accessories such as valves and stops. Alongside these different waste drainage pipes, we also stock other categories including 32mm and 40mm waste traps, shower drains, pipe carriers as well as white and black overflow products.

Different Sizes Of Waste Pipe Systems?

The different waste pipe systems are divided by size on site, with these including:

  • 32mm Pushfit, Solvent, Waste Traps
  • 40mm Pushfit, Solvent, Waste Traps
  • 50mm Solvent

How Are Waste Pipe Systems Made?

All the types of waste pipe systems we sell at the Drainage Shop are made from high quality, heavy duty plastic that is designed to be as strong and durable as possible. Plastic is an excellent material for waste pipes because it is very strong but also lightweight, unlike ceramic, and easy to clean unlike metal. That makes it very easy to install and virtually maintenance free, so it’s very cost effective. Some waste drainage pipes in the range also utilise rubber and metal parts, and each of these are also very high quality and extremely reliable, so you can be sure that any parts you buy will perform well for years even under continuous use. These waste pipe systems are suitable for use inside rooms but also in walls and under floors, and even outside and underground, so you can be sure that you can use these products for your whole waste water drainage installation without worry.

Waste Pipe Systems At The Drainage Shop?

Our range of waste pipe systems can be connected via push-fit, universal compression and solvent weld, depending on the type of connection best for your application. The first simply pushes together to create a seal, while compression fittings are sealed using the screw-on nut, and solvent weld fittings are connected using a solvent glue that can be painted on. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages depending on the application so that you have plenty of options that can be used in different settings and regardless if it is one of the pushfit waste pipe systems or solvent waste pipe systems, they all posses the same benefits.

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