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20mm Gas PE x '' BSP Female Adaptor

20mm Gas PE x " BSP Female Adaptor£31.15 ex. VAT£37.38 inc. VAT

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'Gas' 150mm x 150mm x 76mm Deep

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'Gas' 150mm x 150mm x 76mm Deep£28.50 ex. VAT£34.20 inc. VAT

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What Are Compression Fittings for Gas

In the simplest of terms, gas compression fittings are applications which are used to make a joint gas-tight. Effective compression fittings for gas are achieved via the use of 3 separate components, these being a nut, pipe and olive. When constructing one of these seals, the process begins when a coupling nut is threaded over the top of a gas service pipe. The variation of olive chosen should then follow, ensuring that it does not enter the fitting at an angle. Following this, the nut should be tightened with the use of a spanner or simply just by hand. If this is all assembled efficiently and correctly, a perfect seal can be achieved. A gas compression fitting is most commonly used within plumbing appliances and systems as the use of this fitting allows plastic or copper tubing to be connected to pipework or other essential and threadable components such as valves. In addition to this, when it comes to other gas and water appliances, as well as hydraulic systems, gas compression fittings are used extensively due to their unique ability to be easily disconnected and reconnected during repairs and maintenance.

Compression Fittings for Gas at The Drainage Shop

At the Drainage Shop, we stock a wide range of the highest-quality compression fittings for gas, all of which come in a host of different sizes in order for them to be utilised regardless of the requirements. Currently, we have the smaller 12mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm gas compression fittings when it comes to smaller-sized pipes, as well as the larger 63mm, 150mm and 185mm fittings for wider pipes. However, it is not just the sizing which differentiates all of these, as each one currently on offer at the Drainage Shop varies when it comes to the actual type of gas compression fitting, meaning there are products ideal for any need. The main types currently in stock are the gas compression tees, gas compression elbows, gas compression end caps, gas compression reducers and the gas compression female adaptors.

In addition to this, we also house some other more specific product types, such as the gas surface box, which are the largest of the compression gas fittings. Each of the compression fittings for gas at the Drainage Shop also varies when it comes to their materials, with the most popular products being made from high-strength plastics and stainless steel. However, a gas compression fitting isn't limited to these materials, also being available and commonly made in brass and copper due to their ability to resist corrosion combined with their natural metallic strength properties. Consequently, these materials are ideal when it comes to joining gas pipe ducting together. Each of these aforementioned gas compression fittings allows them to be utilised in a number of different ways, with multiple different fitting types accommodating various types of gas service pipes, structures and compositions. Whether the pipe is a regular straight one, has a bend to it or goes off at a junction, there is a fitting that can be used to seal it.


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