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What Are Drainage Outlets?

Flat roofs are a simple and efficient way of waterproofing the top of a building, but along with balconies, the lack of pitch can mean that water collects there and that they are vulnerable to flooding which is why you would need flat roof drainage outlets. This can be a problem for a range of reasons, primarily because standing water can eventually cause leaks and water damage in the building below, as well as present a health risk and damage the overall roof structure. Drainage outlets designed specifically to be used on those types of structure, allowing water to be drained away from the vulnerable areas and taken to waste pipes or a main sewer.

Different Types Of Drainage Outlets UK

In their simplest form a roof outlet, flat roof outlet, or balcony outlet is a drain hole with a debris catching mesh over the top, leading to a spigot which attaches the outlet to a pipe to carry water away. In practice there are a number of alternative drainage outlets that allow you to choose exactly the solution you need. The biggest difference is the choice of material, with metal and PVCu being the primary options. This is largely an aesthetic choice depending on the look your project is aiming for, but there are also cost differences between the two.

Another factor in regards to choosing drainage outlets is the shape: Balcony drainage outlets are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and are commonly made in a long, thin half-pipe shape that can sit flush against a wall, though the spigot still connects to a pipe just as the rest of the range does. It is also flat so that it can be stood on comfortably by balcony users. Another one of the drainage outlets used more commonly on roofs is a fully round version that protrudes slightly, allowing it to be wider and higher capacity, while a third variant is taller and thinner which also allows it to be higher capacity at the cost of being much more obtrusive and unsuitable for balconies.

How Are Drainage Outlets Made?

All of the drainage outlets including flat roof outlets in the Hunter Outlet UK Range are made from high quality PVCu plastic that is heavy duty and durable enough to perform well despite long term heavy usage. They are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, with a grille that prevents debris from entering but can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning to prevent it becoming clogged. These drainage outlets are also extremely easy to install, designed for use on flat roofed or balcony environments, thanks to the ribbed outer ring which can grip tightly against flat surfaces and the pre-drilled flange which allows the product to be securely fixed.

Aluminium outlets are also available, which are particularly strong and have a desirable premium finish. These are more suitable drainage outlets for extreme weather environments and have an advertised life expectancy of 50 years, while also working to prevent cold bridging that can make the room below colder than desired. Both types of product have their own strengths and weaknesses, which must be taken into account when specifying a solution.

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