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The largest range of underground drainage available from one source on the internet. All of the Drainage Shop's underground drainage pipes and drainage fittings come from quality assured sources & are BS Kitemarked, BBA Certified &/or comply fully with current UK and EU standards and are fully compatible with all other makes available in the UK.



Underground Drainage UK

Underground drainage refers to all the drainage pipes, fittings and other parts that are designed to transport various kinds of wastewater from one place to another. This can mean everything from foul water moved between a bathroom and a septic tank, grey water taken from a kitchen to the mains sewers, and rainwater taken from the guttering system to a drainage pipe. Underground drainage pipes and fittings have been made from all kinds of materials over the years from wood to lead, but modern plastic parts in their distinctive orange or grey colouring are by far the easiest to use and most effective options on the market today.

How does Underground Drainage work?

Underground drainage pipes and fittings are a great option for most installations because it’s the safest and neatest way to get wastewater from A to B, keeping the system out of the way of accidents or bad weather as well as allowing you to landscape underground drainage pipes and fittings. Drainage pipes give you a large amount of flexibility when it comes to different types of below ground drainage systems, because there’s an option for just about everything you might want to achieve.

Underground Drainage Pipes & Fittings

The most basic setup is a an underground drainage pipe that carries waste water from one place to another, usually a water source to a drain, which has to be at the correct fall to let gravity do its work and installed in a well-made trench to keep the pipe safe. The parts also have to be the correct diameter for the required flow rate, usually 110mm, 160mm or 200mm, to ensure smooth functioning of the system. However, most builds will have other requirements of your underground drainage system, which is why the Drainage Shop stocks a wide range of drainage pipes and drainage fittings to help you get the job done efficiently. Most commonly, you’ll be required to connect two pipes together to achieve the correct length, such as a standard 1m length of pipe in 200mm diameter. This can be achieved using 200mm couplings that will clamp the two ends of pipe together and prevent them from leaking. You may also need to add corners to the underground drainage pipe, which can be done using a 200mm bend of the appropriate angle. Depending on the purpose of the underground drainage system you may also need other supplies such as gully grids, inspection chamber covers or, drainage channels, all of which can be found within our range of on site.

How to Size Underground Drainage Correctly

Sizing your system correctly ensures peak performance and avoids damage, which is why at the Drainage Shop we stock a wide range of drainage pipes and underground drainage fittings in a variety sizes in all of our parts, so you won’t be left high and dry.. All of our underground drainage supplies are made from high quality and heavy-duty plastic that is hard wearing and maintenance free, making them a very cost effective choice for long term use. We stock the following sizes:

Along with the products already mentioned, we also stock a wide variety of products that should be able to assist you when it comes to completing underground drainage systems such as cast iron gully grids, non return valves, and inspection chamber covers to name a few.

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