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What Are Soil Pipes & Fittings?

Soil pipes are specially designed to carry waste water and soil products from a kitchen or bathroom to the underground drainage system, without leakage or bad smells. They differ from other types of waste water pipes in that they are designed to carry solids and other detritus to the sewer rather than grey water from other fixtures like baths and sinks. In order to do this job as effectively and safely as possible, soil pipes and fittings are made from high quality plastic and are designed to be particularly durable so they can be used within cavity walls and outside as easily as inside.

How Are Soil Pipes & Fittings Made?

Soil pipes and fittings at the Drainage Shop are made from high quality, heavy duty plastic that is designed to perform to a high standard even with constant use and in challenging conditions. They are made from PVC-U because of its strength and durability as well as this it is lightweight, which makes it easy to install in comparison to alternatives such as ceramic and metal. They are also extremely easy to maintain, being very easy to clean and extremely durable, to the point of being virtually maintenance free. Soil pipes and fittings also come with a variety of different connection types including push fit and solvent weld, so you will be able to find the right pipe for your needs.

Where Can I Use Soil Pipes & Fittings?

Soil pipes and fittings are most commonly used in domestic and commercial sewage systems, and can be used throughout the installation, from the bathroom itself to the connection with external drainage. Soil pipes are made to be strong and durable and work well internally as well as within cavity walls, under floors and even outside or underground. Soil pipes and fittings are commonly used in residential applications but are also appropriate for commercial use in shops and offices, as well as industrial applications too.

Soil Pipes & Fittings At The Drainage Shop

Within the soil pipes and fittings range we have pipes of different types and sizes, including straight parts of different lengths, corners of different angles and different branches and adaptors to allow you to connect your pipes to a wider system. Our whole range comes in two main sizes, 110mm and 160mm, making it easier to size your system correctly for adding to an existing plumbing installation or starting from scratch and attaching to the mains sewer system. Alongside the soil pipes we also have soil fitting within the range this includes WC Pan Connectors and Pipe Supports that allow you to plumb in toilets of various types and sizes depending on your needs, including straight and offset, as well as swan neck and flexible.

All of these soil pipes and fittings are also made of high quality and heavy duty plastic, and come with durable and strong rubber seals to ensure a tight and risk-free fit. Our range also includes a range of 110mm pushfit soil system and 160mm soil system pipes that allow you to fix your pipes wherever you need them, so you can guarantee they won’t move or shift under use. These have rubber linings and strong metal anchors, so they won’t damage your pipes or your building. As well as this, we also have 110mm solvent weld soil systems are manufactured, as applicable, to British Standards.

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