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Weedcheck Super 90gsm

Professional grade weed control fabric.

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Plastic Peg for weed control fabric 150mm long pack of 100

Plastic Peg for weed control fabric 150mm long pack of 100£13.24 ex. VAT£15.89 inc. VAT

Plastic Peg for weed control fabric 150mm long pack of 30

Plastic Peg for weed control fabric 150mm long pack of 30£5.72 ex. VAT£6.86 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To Weedcheck Super 90gsm


Weedcheck Super 90gsm is used in a range of gardening, landscaping and agricultural applications, being a control fabric specifically for weeds. The design of these products presents a number of key benefits, all of which help these drainage and landscaping fabrics perform their intended role admirably. 


Features And Benefits Of Weedcheck Super 90gsm


The "90gsm" indicates the weight per square metre of the Weedcheck Super fabric, which can give an indication of its thickness and durability. This allows for Weedcheck Super 90gsm  to effectively suppress the growth of weeds as the thickness of this product stops sunlight from reaching the weeds. However, its fabric still maintains a permeable composition, allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through. In turn, this can still promote a healthy environment for other plants whilst also inhibiting any potential weed growth. 


As a whole, Weedcheck Super 90gsm is still highly durable, capable of withstanding any outdoor conditions it may come into contact with. As a result, these products boast impressive lifespans, being able to remain maintenance-free once integrated into a desired setting.


Weedcheck Super 90gsm At The Drainage Shop


Here at the Drainage Shop, the range of Weedcheck Super 90gsm options features all of the same design properties and accompanying benefits which have been delved into prior. What is most impressive, though, is that these still manage to remain affordable, being a cost-effective solution for your respective project.

One of the smaller sizes of Weedcheck Super 90gsm we offer on-site is the Weedcheck Ultra 2.0m x 25m Weed Control Fabric. This can effectively stop weeds in the area you desire thanks to its thickness and overall suppressive qualities However, if you need to cover larger areas to prevent weed growth, we have larger sizes of these products available ranging all the way up to the Weedcheck Ultra 1.5m x 100m Weed Control Fabric.
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