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32mm Waste Traps

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32mm 'P' Trap 38mm seal

32mm 'P' Trap 38mm seal£2.75 ex. VAT£3.30 inc. VAT

32mm 'P' Trap 76mm Seal

32mm 'P' Trap 76mm Seal£2.88 ex. VAT£3.46 inc. VAT

32mm Telescopic 'P' Trap 76mm Seal

32mm Telescopic 'P' Trap 76mm Seal£5.16 ex. VAT£6.19 inc. VAT

32mm Shallow Bath Trap

32mm Shallow Bath Trap£4.00 ex. VAT£4.80 inc. VAT

32mm 'S' Trap 38mm Seal

32mm 'S' Trap 38mm Seal£3.36 ex. VAT£4.03 inc. VAT

32mm Bottle Trap 38mm Seal

32mm Bottle Trap 38mm Seal£2.88 ex. VAT£3.46 inc. VAT

32mm Bottle Trap 76mm Seal

32mm Bottle Trap 76mm Seal£3.37 ex. VAT£4.04 inc. VAT

32mm Telescopic Bottle Trap 76mm Seal

32mm Telescopic Bottle Trap 76mm Seal£4.09 ex. VAT£4.91 inc. VAT

32mm HepVo Waterless Trap

32mm HepVo Waterless Trap£35.00 ex. VAT£42.00 inc. VAT

32mm HepVo Knuckle Adaptor

32mm HepVo Knuckle Adaptor£8.94 ex. VAT£10.73 inc. VAT

32mm HepVo Running Adaptor

32mm HepVo Running Adaptor£8.94 ex. VAT£10.73 inc. VAT

32mm Pedestal Trap

32mm Pedestal Trap£6.22 ex. VAT£7.46 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

An Introduction To 32mm Waste Traps


A 32mm waste trap is a critical component that is often found in many drainage systems. Commonly found underneath showers, sinks and other water related fixtures, these products trap any potential debris entering a drainage system as well as preventing odours from entering buildings from said drainage systems.


Features And Benefits Of 32mm Waste Traps


One of the key features of a 32mm waste trap is its P-shape. This curve is where any debris or waste is collected, preventing any potentially blockages further down the drainage system. However, as these pipes are filled with water, this is what blocks any airborne odours from passing through the 32mm waste trap.


32mm waste traps are often constructed using high quality plastics such as PVC too. PVC is one of the stronger plastics used in many underground drainage and other waste products with it being able to withstand forces both externally as well as internally due to flow of water.


As they are coming into contact with water a lot of the time as well, 32mm waste traps are also highly water resistant. As a result of this, the liquids will not affect the waste traps or cause them to deteriorate, which in turn, prevents any potential leakages and maintains the overall effectiveness of the 32mm waste trap.


Despite all of these benefits, a 32mm waste trap still offers ease of installation. Regardless of the appliance in question, these waste traps can easily be fitted with minimal equipment and manpower.


32mm Waste Traps At The Drainage Shop


There is a wide range of different 32mm waste traps here at the Drainage Shop, each one having all of the same benefits which we have just detailed above.


One of the more popular types of 32mm waste trap is the ‘P’ seal. These come in a a range of different sizes, from the 32mm ‘P’ Trap 38mm seal all the way to the 76mm seal. Depending on the size of waste trap required, there are different sizzling options to best suit your requirements. 

There are also products such as the 32mm bottle trap 38mm seal, with there also being a 76mm size as well as telescopic variations of the same size too on site. More intricately, there are even some ‘S’ shaped 32mm waste traps which also help prevent any potential blockages.

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