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Fernco Plumbing Range

At the Drainage Shop we specialise in selling Fernco products, an American company that has been at the forefront of plumbing part design for more than 50 years. We stock a large number of drainage solutions from the Fernco plumbing range in a variety of types and sizes, including straight connectors from 27-23mm to 90-80mm as well as Tees, Elbows and Fernco coupling products in a range of different sizes too.

Thanks to their high-quality construction using heavy duty plastic and rubber, the Fernco plumbing range, Fernco couplings and connectors included, are easy to fit and maintain, while also being tough and hard wearing enough to perform well despite constant use. You can view our complete Fernco plumbing range below.

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Fernco Straight Connector (27-23mm)

Fernco Straight Connector (27-23mm)£2.05 ex. VAT£2.46 inc. VAT

Fernco Straight Connector (39-30mm)

Fernco Straight Connector (39-30mm)£3.89 ex. VAT£4.67 inc. VAT

Fernco Straight Connector (49-40mm)

Fernco Straight Connector (49-40mm)£2.87 ex. VAT£3.44 inc. VAT

Fernco Straight Connector (62-56mm)

Fernco Straight Connector (62-56mm)£3.98 ex. VAT£4.78 inc. VAT

Fernco Straight Connector (90-80mm)

Fernco Straight Connector (90-80mm)£5.43 ex. VAT£6.52 inc. VAT

Fernco Tee (50-38mm)

Fernco Tee (50-38mm)£5.52 ex. VAT£6.62 inc. VAT

Fernco Tee (63-50mm)

Fernco Tee (63-50mm)£6.36 ex. VAT£7.63 inc. VAT

Fernco Tee (90-75mm)

Fernco Tee (90-75mm)£15.30 ex. VAT£18.36 inc. VAT

Fernco Elbow (50-38mm)

Fernco Elbow (50-38mm)£3.16 ex. VAT£3.79 inc. VAT

Fernco Elbow (63-50mm)

Fernco Elbow (63-50mm)£3.90 ex. VAT£4.68 inc. VAT

Fernco Elbow (90-75mm)

Fernco Elbow (90-75mm)£9.53 ex. VAT£11.44 inc. VAT

Fernco Stop End Cap (50-38mm)

Fernco Stop End Cap (50-38mm)£1.78 ex. VAT£2.14 inc. VAT

Stop End Cap (63-50mm)

Stop End Cap (63-50mm)£2.20 ex. VAT£2.64 inc. VAT

Stop End Cap (90-75mm)

Stop End Cap (90-75mm)£2.85 ex. VAT£3.42 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

An Introduction To The Fernco Plumbing Range

Since their inception, Fernco has been a leading manufacturer when it comes to pipe couplings and other related products for the plumbing and drainage industries. The Fernco plumbing range has grown to become well-known and respected within the industry, especially being renowned for their high-quality products and overall innovative solutions.


Fernco's main product line is its line of flexible Fernco couplings which are designed to connect two pipes together, regardless of their different sizes or materials. The company's research and development team is constantly working to improve and expand , as well as meeting the ever-changing needs of the industry. Not only this, but the Fernco plumbing range is also committed to sustainability, with the company as a whole focusing on reducing its environmental impact by producing products with long life spans that can be recycled or repurposed after their usage.


Features and Benefits Of The Fernco Plumbing Range


When it comes to Fernco plumbing products , the company conducts regular testing and quality control on all of its products to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards. As a result, a majority of their products opt for a high quality rubber construction, with this material being ideal when it comes to resisting any temperature changes or corrosion as a result of the elements. Furthermore, its flexible nature accommodates any potential vibration or movement of pipes, a great benefit when taking into consideration the often complex nature of drainage systems.


Another benefit of these Fernco plumbing products is that with their great quality comes a still affordable and cost-effective price. The different variations of Fernco coupling available also allows the right solution to be found depending on your needs, with differing sizes allowing to accommodate large volumes of wastewater and other fluids. Due to this, the seals Fernco plumbing products provide are watertight, rescuing the overall risk of leaks which in turn, helps provide additional safety to both its corresponding building and surrounding environment, as well as its respective drainage system.


The Fernco Plumbing Range at The Drainage Shop


At the Drainage Shop, we house a variety of different Fernco plumbing products, from Fernco connectors to Fernco couplings, all of which adopt the qualities and benefits we have already discussed.


Fernco Connectors


Starting off with the Fernco Straight Connector, this can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 27-23mm Frenco straight connector, 39-30mm Frenco straight connector all the way up to 90-80mm Frenco straight connector in diameter. Another potential solution is the Fernco Tee, which also has a number of different sizes to potentially select from. Some of these include the 50-38mm, 63-50mm and 90-75mm options and could be a great option should you wish to reduce the risk of blockages within your drainage system.


Fernco Coupling


In addition to this, we stock various Fernco coupling products, once again coming in the previous sizes we have just mentioned for the Fernco tees. Moreover, Fernco end caps could also help complete the overall drainage system, once again adorning the sizes of the other products mentioned. These are a great option when it comes to protecting both buildings and the drainage system itself from any potential external elements.


All the products in the the Fernco plumbing range we have mentioned consist of a flexible rubber sleeve, which is both durable and resistant, alongside two stainless steel bands that clamp around the sleeve and hold it in place when surrounding a pipe. Consequently, the intentional design allows for a tight seal between the pipes, preventing leaks and ensuring a secure connection, whether this is in regards to flexible adaptors or drainage seals.



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