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110mm Fittings

An Introduction To 110mm MDPE Fittings


110mm MDPE fittings are essential components in extensive water pipe systems, particularly suited for large-scale drainage and supply networks. These MDPE compression fittings, with a significant diameter of 110mm, are among the largest sizes offered in the drainage industry. Their substantial size is matched by a host of advantages and features, and a diverse range of these fittings is stocked on the Drainage Shop site.


Features And Benefits Of 110mm MDPE Fittings


Medium density polyethylene, commonly abbreviated as MDPE, is the primary material used in 110mm MDPE fittings. This material is known for its exceptional durability and strength, making it a preferred option for significant underground drainage systems. These fittings feature a smooth internal surface that promotes efficient water flow, while their robust exterior is designed to withstand external forces.


The internal smoothness of the 110mm MDPE fittings helps in the smooth transit of debris, greatly reducing the risk of blockages and clogs within the system. This aspect is critical for enhancing the overall performance and dependability of any large-scale drainage network.


Moreover, 110mm MDPE fittings provide a secure and watertight connection between MDPE pipes, thereby increasing the system's efficiency and safety. This watertight design ensures uninterrupted water flow and protects the surrounding environment from any leakage risks.


110mm MDPE Fittings At The Drainage Shop


A fundamental 110mm MDPE fitting is the 110mm MDPE coupling. This fitting plays a crucial role in creating leak-proof connections and is particularly effective for connecting straight, aligned pipes.


For pipe systems that need to branch out in various directions, alternative fittings are available. The 110mm MDPE Tee and 110mm MDPE Elbow are designed to facilitate angular changes in the pipeline, and they integrate seamlessly with other 110mm components. The range also includes 110mm end caps, stop valves, bib taps, and check valves.


Despite their high-quality features, all these 110mm MDPE fittings are available at competitive prices. Their affordability makes them viable, cost-effective solutions for both short-term and long-term projects in large-scale water supply or drainage systems.

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110mm PE Coupling

110mm PE Coupling£41.97 ex. VAT£50.36 inc. VAT

110mm PE Elbow

110mm PE Elbow£42.51 ex. VAT£51.01 inc. VAT

110mm PE Tee

110mm PE Tee£62.68 ex. VAT£75.22 inc. VAT

110mm PE x 4'' Female BSP

110mm PE x 4" Female BSP£47.52 ex. VAT£57.02 inc. VAT

110mm PE x 4'' Male BSP

110mm PE x 4" Male BSP£31.68 ex. VAT£38.02 inc. VAT

110mm PE x 90mm PE Reducer

110mm PE x 90mm PE Reducer£52.88 ex. VAT£63.46 inc. VAT

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m for Water

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m for Water£0.65 ex. VAT£0.78 inc. VAT


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