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20mm Gas Pipe x 100m

20mm Gas Pipe x 100m£73.54 ex. VAT£88.25 inc. VAT

20mm Gas Pipe x 50m

20mm Gas Pipe x 50m£36.74 ex. VAT£44.09 inc. VAT

25mm Gas Pipe x 50m

25mm Gas Pipe x 50m£48.77 ex. VAT£58.52 inc. VAT

25mm Gas Pipe x 100m

25mm Gas Pipe x 100m£97.55 ex. VAT£117.06 inc. VAT

32mm Gas Pipe x 50m

32mm Gas Pipe x 50m£81.19 ex. VAT£97.43 inc. VAT

32mm Gas Pipe x 100m

32mm Gas Pipe x 100m£162.37 ex. VAT£194.84 inc. VAT

63mm Gas Pipe x 50m

63mm Gas Pipe x 50m£299.63 ex. VAT£359.56 inc. VAT

25mm Gas PE x  '' BSP Female Adaptor

25mm Gas PE x " BSP Female Adaptor£34.07 ex. VAT£40.88 inc. VAT

32mm Gas PE x 1 '' BSP Female Adaptor

32mm Gas PE x 1 " BSP Female Adaptor£38.08 ex. VAT£45.70 inc. VAT

63mm Gas PE x 2 '' BSP Female Adaptor

63mm Gas PE x 2 " BSP Female Adaptor£76.70 ex. VAT£92.04 inc. VAT

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m - Gas Spec

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m - Gas Spec£0.82 ex. VAT£0.98 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

What Is A Gas Service Pipe?

A gas service pipe is potentially one of the most important components in connecting a gas meter to the mains. Also known as a gas supply, service or connection pipe, this product is vital when connecting a property to the gas supply.  A gas service pipe can come in different sizes to suit specific jobs, with property distances from a mains connection often varying.

The number of homes that rely on a gas boiler for heating is one of the main reasons that properties are connected to gas mains. Along with home use, a gas service pipe will be needed for commercial properties like cafes or restaurants where different gas usage levels will require different-sized pipes. If a longer gas pipe is required, you can use compression fittings as connectors to add the length of more than one pipe together to suit the required distance.

When it comes to connecting a new gas service pipes to a property, it is important to turn off the gas supply before disconnecting anything. Next, check you’ve got the correct gas service pipe size and fitting for connecting the mains to the meter, which can vary depending on the gas company, area and property. It is important to ensure a flexible gas service pipe is used when connecting the gas line to the appliance.

The Different Type Of Gas Service Pipe

The gas service pipes available to purchase at the Drainage Shop are made from an MDPE (Medium Density Polyethelene). The PE80 MDPE is a popular material for use in gas and water distribution. With pipe diameters of between 20 and 63mm, the PE80 pipes are ideal for home use. The PE80 material could be used as High-Density Polyethelene along with an MDPE for use in gas service pipe creation.

The descriptions on-site state that these products are for applying pressurised gas; the PE80 MDPE material is great for ensuring this is done safely. Check out the star ratings of these products on-site to see how other customers found working with the flexible gas service pipe.

Gas Service Pipe at the Drainage Shop

The gas service pipe products available here include various sizes from 20mm gas pipes x 100m, 20mm gas pipes x 50m, 25mm gas pipes x 100m, 25mm gas pipes x 50m, 32mm gas pipes x 100m, 32mm gas pipes x 50m, and 63mm gas pipes x 50m. The products available to view labelled Gas Pipe display the different sizes with the name along with the price before and after VAT. The great range of gas service pipe sizes available to purchase meaning you can find the right product for the job, no matter the gas pressure or length of pipe required. You will notice the gas pipes available on site are yellow; this is a safety precaution that informs anyone in contact with the pipe that it contains a flammable substance.

Because of the danger of flammable substances, it is important to have all of the required equipment on hand before beginning any work with connecting gas mains. Along with the necessary flexible gas pipe for a specific job, we offer more products relating to gas connection, including compression fittings for gas and gas pipe ducting.

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