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Black Overflow


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21.5mm Black 135 Elbow

21.5mm Black 135 Elbow£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm Black 90 Elbow

21.5mm Black 90 Elbow£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm Black Clip

21.5mm Black Clip£0.19 ex. VAT£0.23 inc. VAT

21.5mm Black Overflow Pipe x 3m P/E

21.5mm Black Overflow Pipe x 3m P/E£3.09 ex. VAT£3.71 inc. VAT

21.5mm Black Straight Coupling

21.5mm Black Straight Coupling£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm Black Tee

21.5mm Black Tee£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

32mm x 21.5mm Black Reducer

32mm x 21.5mm Black Reducer£0.76 ex. VAT£0.91 inc. VAT

40mm x 21.5mm Black Reducer

40mm x 21.5mm Black Reducer£0.76 ex. VAT£0.91 inc. VAT

Condensate Soakaway

Condensate Soakaway£23.18 ex. VAT£27.82 inc. VAT

Condensate Soakaway


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

An Introduction To Black Overflow Systems


Black overflow pipes are constructed typically from durable materials such as uPVC or other robust plastics, black overflow pipes are the chosen water product for their longevity and resistance to corrosion, essential qualities given their constant exposure to water. The black colouring not only serves for easy recognition but also offers a discreet appearance, blending seamlessly with various exteriors and interiors. Their installation is designed to be straightforward, with their positioning being key to ensuring they only function when the normal water level is exceeded. Black overflow pipes are indispensable in maintaining the safety and integrity of plumbing systems, particularly in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings where effective water management is crucial.


Features And Benefits Of Black Overflow Systems


Black overflow pipes are marked by several key features that enhance their effectiveness in plumbing systems and indoor drains for land drainage. Their colour aids in easy identification and blends well with various settings for aesthetic consistency. As mentioned, these pipes are typically made from robust materials, ensuring durability and resistance to water-induced wear and tear. They come in a range of diameters, catering to different system capacities. The design of these pipes usually allows for easy installation, facilitating a seamless integration into existing plumbing frameworks. This combination of functional design, material strength, and versatility makes black overflow pipes a vital component in efficient and safe water management in buildings.


Black overflow pipes offer significant benefits, primarily in safeguarding against water overflow and the associated risks. They provide an essential outlet for excess water, thus preventing flooding and water damage to properties. They are one of the easiest ways to connect your plumbing to your underground drainage.


Black Overflow Systems At The Drainage Shop


All of the products for black overflow systems on the Drainage Shop site are crafted with the best materials to ensure their safety, efficiency, and durability. Products such as the 21.5mm black overflow pipe in a 3 metre length, as well as the 21.5mm black 135-degree elbow bend are all vital components in a black overflow drainage system.

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