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Drain Testing Plugs

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40mm/1'' Drain Testing Plug

40mm/1" Drain Testing Plug£5.53 ex. VAT£6.64 inc. VAT

50mm/2'' Drain Testing Plug

50mm/2" Drain Testing Plug£5.04 ex. VAT£6.05 inc. VAT

125mm/5'' Drain Testing Plug

125mm/5" Drain Testing Plug£11.56 ex. VAT£13.87 inc. VAT

75mm/3'' Drain Testing Plug

75mm/3" Drain Testing Plug£5.57 ex. VAT£6.68 inc. VAT

110mm/4'' Drain Testing Plug

110mm/4" Drain Testing Plug£4.74 ex. VAT£5.69 inc. VAT

150mm/6'' Drain Testing Plug

150mm/6" Drain Testing Plug£7.01 ex. VAT£8.41 inc. VAT

200mm/8'' Drain Testing Plug

200mm/8" Drain Testing Plug£19.38 ex. VAT£23.26 inc. VAT

225mm/9'' Drain Testing Plug

225mm/9" Drain Testing Plug£21.77 ex. VAT£26.12 inc. VAT

250mm/10 Inch Drain Testing Plug

250mm/10 Inch Drain Testing Plug£26.13 ex. VAT£31.36 inc. VAT

300mm/12'' Drain Testing Plug

300mm/12" Drain Testing Plug£38.41 ex. VAT£46.09 inc. VAT

Drain Plug 4 Inch with 1m Chain and Wallplate

Drain Plug 4 Inch with 1m Chain and Wallplate£27.48 ex. VAT£32.98 inc. VAT

 Drain Testing Nipple for Testing Plugs

Drain Testing Nipple for Testing Plugs£1.35 ex. VAT£1.62 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

An Introduction To Drain Testing Plugs

Drain testing plugs are a vital tool in the plumbing industry and of our drain testing equipment range, used for testing the functionality of drainage systems. These drain testing plugs come in various shapes and sizes to fit different pipe diameters and configurations. Drainage plugs are designed to withstand high pressure and are used to test the integrity of the pipe and identify any leaks or blockages. They are an essential tool in ensuring drainage systems are working correctly and preventing potential problems. There are lots of helpful drain testing kits and products to  purchase here at the Drainage Shop. This article will explore the different types of drainage testing plugs, their applications, and the benefits of using them in the plumbing industry. 

Drain Testing Plugs Features and Benefits

Drainage testing plugs work by being inserted into a pipe and inflated, creating a seal within the pipe. This seal allows plumbers to apply pressure to the drainage system to test for leaks, blockages, or other potential issues. Any leaks or blockages can be identified and addressed by applying pressure before they cause significant damage or require costly repairs. There are several different types of drain testing plugs with unique features and benefits, and plumbers may choose to use different plugs depending on the specific application or job requirement. 

One of the primary benefits of drain testing plugs is their durability. These plugs are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand regular use's rigours. This durability means that drain testing plugs can be used repeatedly, making them a cost-effective option for testing and maintaining underground drainage systems. Another benefit of drainage systems is their efficiency, which is beneficial as it means that testing plugs can save time and money by allowing maintenance professionals to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix any issues with a drainage system. Finally, drain testing plugs are cost-effective for testing and maintaining drainage systems. These plugs are relatively inexpensive and can be used multiple times, making them a cost-effective option for any maintenance professional. Additionally, drainage testing plugs can save money by reducing the need for excavation work.  All of these benefits can also be applied to other testing products such as drain testing rods.

Drain testing plugs are an essential tool for testing and maintaining the efficiency of drainage systems. Their durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make them an excellent choice for any maintenance professional looking to save time and money while keeping drainage systems running smoothly. Specifically, the drain testing plugs at the Drainage Shop mean you can find the right tool for any job. 

Drain Testing Plugs at The Drainage Shop

In conclusion, the Drainage Shop offers some of the best drain testing plugs in the UK to fit various testing needs and pipe types, including 110mm/4" Drain Testing Plug40mm/1½" Drain Testing Plug, and more. Whether you are working with low-pressure or high-pressure systems, testing for leaks or blockages, or simply needing to block off a section of pipe during construction or repairs, there is a drain testing plug in the UK that will meet your needs on the Drainage Shop website. By using the right type of product your specific application, whether it be a more standard drain testing plug or a specified 0.5” Drain Testing Nipple, you can ensure the efficient operation of your drainage system and avoid costly repairs down the line. 

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