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Tree Ring Irrigation Head - Aluminium

Tree Ring Irrigation Head - Aluminium£21.95 ex. VAT£26.34 inc. VAT

80mm 90˚ Land Drainage Tee Junction

80mm 90˚ Land Drainage Tee Junction£5.45 ex. VAT£6.54 inc. VAT

100mm 90˚ Land Drainage Tee Junction

100mm 90˚ Land Drainage Tee Junction£5.89 ex. VAT£7.07 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To A Tree Watering System


When it comes to new trees being planted, one thing that can often come paired hand in hand with this process is a tree watering system. In the simplest of terms, these are a subterranean, below-ground set of tools that allow plants and specifically trees, to be easily watered. As a result of these implemented tree watering system, this allows the roots of a tree to receive the appropriate and essential water in order to help in their growth in the early days. Although these are some of the simplest micro tree irrigation pipes and systems, they can often be some of the most effective. If you are specifically looking to organise a garden or some plots of landscaping, then lawn edging products can also aid with this.


Features and Benefits Of A Tree Watering System

One of the main benefits offered by a tree watering system is their unobtrusive design. As these are integrated below the surface, the tree irrigation pipes are discreet and often unseen. The only aspect that may be seen by the eye is the irrigation heads that remain above ground, but these are unlikely to distract from any naturalistic aesthetics due to their small size. 

However, it is not just the aesthetical maintenance a tree watering system aids in, as these can be great regarding the appropriate amount of water being transferred to the roots of a tree. The ability to integrate timely irrigation schedules can ensure plants and trees only receive the amount of water required.  Furthermore, the integral filters many tree irrigation pipes and systems come with ensure no debris will clog up these pipes, with only the nutrients being provided.

Another great feature of a tree watering system is the ease in which these can be fitted. Due to them being slipped onto a tree when planting them, it doesn't require any intricate engineering, heavy machinery or substantial manpower in order to correctly outfit them. As a result, these products are cost-effective, not requiring any maintenance after fitting due to their durable construction.  These benefits also apply to the range of underground drainage and channel drainage options we have on site.


Tree Watering System At The Drainage Shop

One of the main types of tree irrigation pipes and systems we stock at the Drainage Shop is our collection of Tree Ring Pro Kits. These are the simplest form of a tree watering system, simply being outfitted around the base of the tree and buried below ground when initially planting a tree. A branching pipe is attached to the ring, protruding from the ground once being correctly fitted. As a result of this, it allows for water to easily flow to the ringed pipe below, meaning the roots receive the essential water, enabling healthy growth.

The Tree Ring Pro Kits we have at the Drainage shop are constructed with durable aluminium pipes and come in 4 different sizes. These include the 5m and 10m 80mm tree irrigation pipes, as well as the 5m and 10m 100mm pipes.

However, should you already have a tree watering system set up and just need a newer head to poke out above ground, we also stock aluminium tree irrigation heads which can be easily fitted onto already existing pipes. In addition to all this, the Drainage Shop also stocks 80mm land drainage tee tunctions and 100mm which can be great options should you wish to connect multiple tree irrigation pipes and systems. 

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