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Drain Dyes

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Drain Tracing Dye - Green 200gm

Drain Tracing Dye - Green 200gm£9.33 ex. VAT£11.20 inc. VAT

Drain Tracing Dye - Orange 200gm

Drain Tracing Dye - Orange 200gm£9.33 ex. VAT£11.20 inc. VAT

Drain Tracing Dye - Purple 200gm

Drain Tracing Dye - Purple 200gm£9.33 ex. VAT£11.20 inc. VAT

Drain Tracing Dye - Red 200gm

Drain Tracing Dye - Red 200gm£9.33 ex. VAT£11.20 inc. VAT

Drain Tracing Dye - Yellow 200gm

Drain Tracing Dye - Yellow 200gm£9.33 ex. VAT£11.20 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items


An Introduction to Drain Dyes

Drain dyes are important because it helps remove excess water and other fluids from areas, something that we can help ensure for your property at the Drainage Shop. This makes drain dyes an essential part of urban and rural infrastructure as it can help to prevent flooding, waterlogging, erosion and soil degradation. This is why proper drainage checks and looking after drainage and plumbing are important and key, as they keep the owner and everyone around them safe. Public health can be affected if drainage isn’t working properly. The drain dyes is usually added to the drain or toilet bowl and allowed to sit for a specified amount of time before being flushed away with water.

Features and Benefits of Drain Dyes

Regularly testing your drains is important because it ensures that it is completely free of any leaks or blockages before the operation continues. Detecting any leaks that could lead to water damage, structural damage or health hazards is extremely important; on top of detecting leaks and hazards for health reasons, finding these early can also help to save money. Identifying issues in drains during the testing phase can help to be cost-saving in the long run; fixing any issues after the system has been put into operation can be more expensive and disruptive. 

Drain dyes are coloured liquids that are used to test the flow and condition of drains and sewer systems. Usually designed to be easily visible in the water, drain dyes are often brightly coloured with selections like red, green, blue or yellow. Typically, drain dyes will be used to identify the locations of any blockages or leaks in systems, the drain dye will be poured into a plumbing system, whether it be a toilet, sink or any other drain, and the dye should then flow out any damaged part of the pipe, making the issues easy to locate. Measuring the time it takes for the drain dye to travel through the system can help estimate the flow rate and determine whether or not the system is functioning efficiently and properly. Another popular way of checking for issues in plumbing is with the drain testing kits that we offer here at the Drainage Shop, with these including all the essential pieces of drain testing equipment.

Some advantages of drain dyes include their ease of use as they are just added directly to the drain or plumbing system; they are also highly cost-effective and affordable for identifying plumbing problems and leaks. This also applies to the range of drain testing plugs we also stock. In addition to this though, you don’t have to wait a long time for results either, with quick results guaranteed within a few minutes, so you can get straight to fix any issues if there is any that arise. They are also highly environmentally friendly; most drain dyes are normally biodegradable, making them a more eco-friendly option than most of the others. 

Drain Dyes at the Drainage Shop

At the Drainage Shop, we offer a wide array of different drain dyes to help you detect any drainage or plumbing difficulties as quickly as possible. With a wide selection of colours ranging from green drain tracing dye, orange drain tracing dye, to a more bold pure drain tracing dye product, each containing at least 200gm of dye for usage. The Drainage Shop keeps the same promise of cost-effectiveness and being an easy-to-use yet effective product that will display results within minutes; to allow you to get onto the more important things!

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