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What Are MDPE Compression Fittings?

MDPE pipes often need to be connected to other types of pipe or to tanks, or other fixtures and fittings, that are made of different materials. In these cases, you need to use MDPE compression fittings to make the connection. Named because tightening the fitting is what causes it to create a tight seal, in plumbing plastic compression fittings are commonly used to connect two parts made of dissimilar materials together. They are very easy to use because they don’t require any adhesive or welding to make connections, as well as being very light and durable for external or internal use. The Drainage Shop stocks a wide variety of different sizes including the smallest 20mm MDPE compression fittings and the largest110mm MDPE fittings, all of which are very high quality, made of a combination of heavy-duty plastic and metal.

Features And Benefits Of MDPE Compression Fittings

The MDPE compression fittings in our range at the Drainage Shop are made from high quality plastic that is light, easy to clean and maintain, and easy to use. It is extremely durable and can perform to a high standard despite continuous use for many years, making it a very cost-effective option in the long term. Because it doesn’t require any adhesive or welding to fit it is easy and clean to do and can be completed quickly and without fuss, making it ideal for use on time sensitive jobs.

If you’re working with MDPE water piping and you’d like to make sure you’re using the safest and most cost effective connectors, check out our range of MDPE compression fittings at the Drainage Shop. There is a huge variety of different types of connector so you’re certain to be able to find what you need, and all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards using only high quality plastic and other parts, making them durable and long lasting. Similarly, we also have a variety of Plasson Compression Fittings which may be able to assist you when it comes to connecting pipes, fixtures or fittings.

MDPE Compression Fittings At The Drainage Shop

Our range of MDPE compression fittings is divided by size, and we stock seven different sizes, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 63mm, 90mm and 110mm MDPE compression fittings. Within each size bracket we stock a variety of different types of fitting to be used in different scenarios, as well as other products designed to make it easier to carry out jobs that require compression fittings. This includes different shaped fittings, branches in a variety of forms, valves, taps, couplings and more. This allows you to carry out a wide variety of projects using MDPE pipe with plenty of options to make it easier.

Some of these MDPE compression fittings include the MDPE Elbow, which allows you to connect two sections of pipe together around a corner; the MDPE end cap which allows you to add a stopper to one end of a coupling to prevent water escaping; the MDPE stop valve that allows you to add a valve that can be turned on and off to a section of your pipe; and a wall plate elbow that allows you to add an elbow joint that is anchored to a wall.

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