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32mm Protecta-Line Barrier Pipe & Fittings


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32mm Protecta-Line  x 25m Coil

32mm Protecta-Line x 25m Coil£285.18 ex. VAT£342.22 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line  x 50m Coil

32mm Protecta-Line x 50m Coil£570.36 ex. VAT£684.43 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line Joiner

32mm Protecta-Line Joiner£14.67 ex. VAT£17.60 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line Elbow

32mm Protecta-Line Elbow£16.72 ex. VAT£20.06 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line Tee

32mm Protecta-Line Tee£21.17 ex. VAT£25.40 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line Stop Cock

32mm Protecta-Line Stop Cock£149.78 ex. VAT£179.74 inc. VAT

32-25mm Protecta-Line Reducer

32-25mm Protecta-Line Reducer£19.88 ex. VAT£23.86 inc. VAT

32-25mm Protecta-Line Reducing Set

32-25mm Protecta-Line Reducing Set£5.69 ex. VAT£6.83 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line  x '' Male BSP

32mm Protecta-Line x " Male BSP£9.74 ex. VAT£11.69 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line  x 1'' Male BSP

32mm Protecta-Line x 1" Male BSP£9.91 ex. VAT£11.89 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line  x 1'' Female BSP

32mm Protecta-Line x 1" Female BSP£9.41 ex. VAT£11.29 inc. VAT

32mm Protecta-Line to 28mm Copper Joiner

32mm Protecta-Line to 28mm Copper Joiner£18.93 ex. VAT£22.72 inc. VAT

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)

MDPE Pipe Cutter (up to 42mm)£8.95 ex. VAT£10.74 inc. VAT

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)

Squeeze Off Tool (up to 32mm)£32.99 ex. VAT£39.59 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

An Introduction To 32mm Protecta Line Barrier Pipe & Fittings


32mm Protecta Line barrier pipes and fittings are a great way of protecting the quality of water through potentially contaminated lands. These Protecta Line pipe products are used in a wide variety of water systems from residential to commercial properties.  Due to the materials used, these MDPE pipes come with a whole range of unique benefits.


Features And Benefits Of 32mm Protecta Line Barrier Pipe & Fittings


A 32mm barrier pipe can help prevent chemical leaching and contamination between water pipes and surrounding materials. Due to the multi layered composite construction of the materials used in 32mm Protecta Line barrier pipes, these pipes are highly resistant to both corrosion from any potential chemicals as well as general deterioration from any other elements the products may come into contact with.


The 32mm Protecta Line pipe products also offers a number of benefits on its own as well. This is because high volumes of water can flow through these seamlessly, with the smooth interior of these Protectaline products only facilitating this further. Despite the interior, the exterior of these products still remain sturdy and rigid, with this once again being related to the materials used.


32mm Protecta Line Barrier Pipe & Fittings At The Drainage Shop


All the32mm barrier pipe products at the Drainage Shop possess all of the features and benefits we have just touched upon, with them also maintaining a cost effective price point..


The 32mm Protecta Line x 25m Coil is one of the main components of a Protectaline pipe system due to it being the main product that transports the water. Although this product is long, being 25m in length, this can easily be cut down to smaller sizes should your project have other requirements. Moreover, if you need a longer Protecta Line barrier pipe, there is also a 32mm Protecta Line x 50m Coil on site.


However, a Protecta Line pipe system cannot be complete without a range of different connections. One of the more common variations is the 32mm Protecta Line Joiner. This can provide watertight connections between the aforementioned coils and any other components, preventing any leaks and maintaining the consistent flow of water.


These same things can be said for both the 32mm Protecta Line Tee and 32mm Protecta Line Elbow, both of which accommodate any changes in directions a protecta line pipe system may need to manoeuvre around.

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