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Drainage Pipe Elbow

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105-116mm Flexible Elbow

105-116mm Flexible Elbow£19.50 ex. VAT£23.40 inc. VAT

8mm Nut Driver

8mm Nut Driver£9.34 ex. VAT£11.21 inc. VAT

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An Introduction to Drainage Pipe Elbows

Also commonly referred to as flexible waste pipe connectors in the industry, drainage pipe elbows connect two sections of waste pipe together and act as a vital component within their respective drainage systems. They are constructed in a specific way in order for them to be ideal solutions, with flexibility being a priority when it comes to these drainage pipe elbows. With them allowing the movement and expansion of pipes to occur without causing damage, these pipe coupling products can be ideal for a number of different drainage systems.

Drainage pipe elbows can be used in a host of applications, including both commercial and residential plumbing systems. Should your respective plumbing system be a likely subject of movement and vibration, these drainage pipe elbows are ideal. As a result of this, these are commonly used in older buildings, in which the pipes may have shifted and settled over time.

Features and Benefits of Drainage Pipe Elbows

Moving onto the benefits of these drainage pipe elbows, these can greatly reduce the amount of exerted stress on the pipes and the joints. Consequently, this overall reduces the risk of any potential leaks or other damage. Furthermore, these drainage pipe elbows can also make it easier to install and maintain the plumbing system, as they can be easily adjusted or replaced if needed.

In addition to this, the flexible, often rubber materials used in these drainage pipe elbows can act as a sound barrier, consequently reducing the overall noise output by a drainage system. These drainage pipe elbows absorb and dampen the noise generated by the movement of water through the pipes, which is great for both residential and commercial buildings once again.

Another huge benefit of drainage pipe elbows is the range of different shapes and sizes they come in, as 90-degree, 45-degree, and even custom angles could be selected depending on your requirements. It's important to also mention that these products come with the ease of instalment and can be utilised alongside a number of different piping materials, including but not limited to PVC, ABS, copper, and cast iron. What's more is that these drainage pipe elbows can also come in different forms, featuring things such as flangers and plain ends, once again being applicable for a host of different needs. These benefits don't just apply to drainage pipe elbows either, as the same can be said for the range of Fernco plumbing products we have on site.

Drainage Pipe Elbows at The Drainage Shop

It is also important to choose a high-quality drainage pipe elbows from a reputable manufacturer, to ensure that it will be durable and reliable over time. However, by shopping at the Drainage Shop, all of this can be confirmed with the products we house. Drainage pipe elbows are one of the most popular options we from within our pipe coupling range. We stock the 105mm - 116mm flexible drain elbow, which is fashioned with some high durable rubber, coming with the qualities we have already mentioned. Metal castings are also present with this product, adding some additional support and stability, ensuring that the watertight seal can be left relatively maintenance free upon being fitted. However, like we've previously stated, it is important to make sure that you select the appropriate angle and size depending on your project. But with the range of different drainage pipe elbows out there, that is likely to be an issue.


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