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A range of MDPE water service pipes including Puriton a barrier pipe designed for the safe transportation of drinking water through brownfield sites and other types of contaminated land. Puriton combines all the advantages of traditional MDPE pipe but with a barrier layer to prevent permeation of contaminants .

We also stock a range of WRAS approved compression fittings for use with standard MDPE in sizes 20mm - 110mm


What Are MDPE Water Pipes?

MDPE water pipes, also known as Medium Density Polyethylene Pipes, are type of robust and flexible pipe that is specially designed to carry potable water in a safe and hygienic manner. Because potable water systems often have to deal with regular changes in pressure and temperature, MDPE water pipes are specially strengthened and made thermally resistant so that it can perform its task without the risk of breaking or failing and causing a leak. As well as water, MDPE pipes can carry other liquids and chemicals safely without presenting a risk to the environment, making them well suited for use in everything from domestic and brownfield sites all the way to industrial sites.

How Are MDPE Water Pipes Used?

MDPE water pipes are the modern way to transport drinkable water on any site, whether you’re working on a house building project or you’re replacing outdating plumbing in an industrial or commercial site. It’s British Standards approved as the best way of moving drinkable water, and its flexibility and length makes it perfect for a variety of applications from running from the mains to a building, to running inside walls or inside insulating sleeves. There are two main types of MDPE water pipes: blue and black. 20mm blue MDPE water pipe coils are designed to be used underground, most often carrying drinking water from the mains to appliances or to storage tanks. It is toughened so that it can withstand both the pressure of earth crushing it and to prevent the internal pressure changes from bursting it, and can withstand up to 12.5 BAR of pressure (or 16 BAR for 20mm pipes).

The second kind of MDPE water pipes is the 20mm black MDPE water pipe coils. These are designed to be used in above ground applications, generally when the pipe needs to run along the ground or up the sides of buildings. This is a very similar product but it comes with the added bonus of UV protection that prevents it wasting and cracking in direct sunlight, which could cause it to break or leak and result in damage. All MDPE pipes are made from toughened Polyethylene with an added sleeve that is designed to protect the water inside from contaminants such as chemicals or biological waste. Polyethylene also doesn’t interact with the water itself, which prevents harmful chemicals or unpleasant smells and tastes from entering the water. It is also very light weight and easy to flex and bend, which makes it very easy to install and easy to use, while it’s virtually maintenance free and performs well despite constant use.

MDPE Water Pipes At The Drainage Shop

The Drainage Shop has a large stock of high quality MDPE water pipe coils, fittings and pipes, including all MDPE black water pipe and blue MDPE water pipe sizes in various diameters and at various lengths, so you can always find what you need. We stock 20mm Blue MDPE Pipes, 25mm Blue MDPE Pipes, 32mm MDPE Pipes all the way up to 63mm. In terms of Black MDPE Pipes we stock 20mm Black MDPE, 25mm, 32mm all the way up to 60mm Black MDPE Pipes as well as in 25, 50 and 100m lengths. As well as this, we also stock useful tools such as pipe cutters to help your job go as smoothly as possible. We even stock Enviro-Line Green Stripe MDPE, which is a special kind used for carrying grey water in rainwater harvesting and recycling systems.

Some of our most popular MDPE water pipes are 50mm Blue MDPE Water Pipe, 32mm Blue MDPE Water Pipe, 25mm Black MDPE, 63mm Black MDPE Water Pipe and 50mm Black MDPE Water Pipe. We also stock a wide range of MDPE compression fittings that can be used on MDPE pipes that need to be connected to other types of pipe or to tanks, or other fixtures and fittings.


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