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What Is Plastic Guttering?

Plastic guttering is the infrastructure used to help protect buildings from rainwater damage and prevent flooding, by carrying excess water away from the roof and immediate surroundings into a designed drainage system. Plastic guttering parts come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and styles that are designed for a range of different purposes and parts of the guttering system, as well as all the possible angles and configurations you might need to install the perfect system for your industrial or commercial guttering project.

How Does Plastic Guttering Work?

The most distinctive part of plastic guttering is the gutters themselves, which are troughs fixed below the eaves of a building to catch rainwater. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your requirements, but are all used to carry water along the length of the building to downpipes, which are sections of vertical pipe that convey the rainwater from the roof to the drains. There are also specialist sections of plastic guttering such as angles that allow the system to round corners, as well as running outlets that connect downpipes to the guttering without obstructing the flow of water. This same benefit applies to all plastic guttering options on site including the 110mm round downpipe and the SuperDeep 170 commercial guttering.

Different Types Of Plastic Guttering

Guttering comes in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the job, with some optimised for their low profile and others optimised for a high capacity, while others are designed with aesthetics in mind for residential and commercial buildings. The major types available at the Drainage Shop include the 112mm half round guttering, 200mm industrial guttering, and cast effect 112mm half round guttering.

Alongside these two types is Ogee guttering, which is a decorative type that has a distinctive bevelled edge most commonly used on residential buildings especially in historic areas. It’s also possible to buy specially high capacity versions of all these different types of plastic guttering which have steeper sides and deeper channels, made for areas of high rainfall or buildings with large roofs that collect more rainfall. Commercial variants of all these plastic guttering types tend to be finished in a glossy plastic sheen, but there is also the option to use a matte black ‘cast’ effect which mimics cast iron, once again used most often on residential or commercial buildings in built up areas.

Plastic Guttering At The Drainage Shop

At the Drainage Shop we offer a great range of high-quality plastic downpipes and guttering of the types mentioned above and more, all of which are made from high quality heavy duty plastic that is strong and durable enough to perform well despite constant use. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a cost effective option for customers or your own project. The sizes of the plastic downpipes range from 68mm all the way to 200mm, and within each range is a full assortment of all the parts you need for a successful installation, including all kinds of internal and external angles as well as stop-ends, running outlets and brackets.


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