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What Are Plasson Pushfit Fittings?

A push-fit fitting is a type of plumbing fitting that is used to connect two pipes together, or a pipe to another type of plumbing part. The crucial difference is that a push-fit fitting can attach two parts together without any adhesive or welding, meaning it’s very quick and easy, and can be accomplished in just a few seconds. It’s also suitable for attaching pipes and parts of a variety of different materials. The key difference with the Plasson pushfit fittings range is that there is such a wide variety of products that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. They’re also a well-known and respected manufacturer, one of the reasons we stock their products here at the Drainage Shop.

Features And Benefits Of Plasson Pushfit Fittings

The biggest advantage to using Plasson pushfit fittings over other types is that they are so easy to use, and using them means you can quickly and easily create your plumbing system without having to use adhesives or do any welding. They’re also very easy to use in confined spaces and just push together, so you don’t need any extra space that using fixatives might require. Another advantage of Plasson pushfit fittings is that they can be used to connect two different types of materials together, so there are no restrictions on where you can use them. It’s also very useful for extending legacy plumbing systems that might use copper or ceramic pipe, because you don’t need to take any special action to make the connection.

Plasson Pushfit Fittings At The Drainage Shop

Another of the big advantages to using Plasson pushfit fittings is that they have a very large range to choose from, meaning that there will always be something to do the job, whatever it happens to be. Plasson’s range of fittings includes sizes from the 20mm Plasson pushfit fittings up to 63mm Plasson pushfit fittings, which means you have plenty of options when it comes to size, as well as a wide range of possible options when it comes to the function of the parts. Each of the sizes in the Plasson pushfit fittings range includes a wide range of options such as: elbow couplings that can be used to create corners; stop taps that can be used to create a shut off point; tees that can be used to create three-way junctions; wall plates for affixing your pipes to walls; and pipe liners for creating an even more effective seal.

Like the other Plasson products we offer which includes Plasson valves, Plastic compression fittings and much more all of these products are created using high quality, heavy duty plastic that you can have confidence in. Each part is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, so it’s really cost effective over the long term, and is also really easy to fit. Each part has specially engineered designs that are excellent at preventing leaks and guarantee a firm grip that won’t loosen with time, so you can be sure you won’t have to deal with any unexpected leaks. It’s even easy to disassemble your plumbing setup at a later date too, because Plasson push-fit removal is quick and easy as putting them on.

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