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65mm Square Downpipe

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65mm Square Downpipe x 2.5m

65mm Square Downpipe x 2.5m£6.18 ex. VAT£7.42 inc. VAT

65mm Square Downpipe x 4m

65mm Square Downpipe x 4m£11.98 ex. VAT£14.38 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe 112.5 Offset Bend

65mm Downpipe 112.5 Offset Bend£1.84 ex. VAT£2.21 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe 92.5 Offset Bend

65mm Downpipe 92.5 Offset Bend£2.98 ex. VAT£3.58 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe Clip

65mm Downpipe Clip£0.97 ex. VAT£1.16 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe 112.5 Branch

65mm Downpipe 112.5 Branch£5.05 ex. VAT£6.06 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe Shoe

65mm Downpipe Shoe£2.15 ex. VAT£2.58 inc. VAT

65mm Downpipe Socket

65mm Downpipe Socket£1.42 ex. VAT£1.70 inc. VAT

68mm Round to 65mm Square Downpipe Adaptor

68mm Round to 65mm Square Downpipe Adaptor£2.73 ex. VAT£3.28 inc. VAT

Standard Hopper Head - suits 68mm Round & 65mm Square Downpipe

Standard Hopper Head - suits 68mm Round & 65mm Square Downpipe£8.09 ex. VAT£9.71 inc. VAT

65mm Square Downpipe x 110mm Drain Adaptor

65mm Square Downpipe x 110mm Drain Adaptor£6.98 ex. VAT£8.38 inc. VAT

2'' Wire Balloon Grating

2" Wire Balloon Grating£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT

Adaptor 110mm x 65mm square/68mm round

Adaptor 110mm x 65mm square/68mm round£3.50 ex. VAT£4.20 inc. VAT

Rainwater Leaf/Debris Gully

Rainwater Leaf/Debris Gully£9.50 ex. VAT£11.40 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

An Introduction To 65mm Square Downpipe


65mm Square Downpipe, a top seller at the Drainage Shop, is an essential component of guttering systems, particularly suited for modern residential and light commercial buildings. This downpipe, with a 65mm square profile, offers a contemporary look while efficiently managing rainwater drainage. 


Like with most other downpipes, the 65mm Square Downpipe options are designed to seamlessly connect with guttering products, facilitating smooth water flow from roof gutters to underground drainage systems. The square shape not only adds a stylistic element to building exteriors but also ensures efficient water transport. Its construction typically involves durable materials, providing resilience against various weather conditions and ensuring long-term functionality.


Features And Benefits Of 65mm Square Downpipe


The 65mm Square Downpipe is characterised by its distinctive square profile, providing a modern and sleek appearance. Its design ensures effective water drainage and ease of integration with guttering products within systems. Made from robust materials, it offers durability and longevity. The square shape facilitates efficient water flow and minimises blockages, ensuring reliable performance. This downpipe is designed to work seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional building styles, making it a versatile option for various construction needs.


A 65mm Square Downpipe can also provide efficient rainwater management with its streamlined design. Their square profile offers a modern aesthetic, aligning with contemporary architectural styles. The size is optimal for residential buildings, ensuring adequate water flow and reducing overflow risks. These downpipes are durable, withstanding environmental factors, and are easy to install and maintain. Their compatibility with various guttering systems and adaptability to connect with underground drainage make them a versatile and practical choice for effective water management.


65mm Square Downpipe At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop's range of 65mm Square Downpipe products includes various lengths and fittings, catering to diverse building requirements. Products such as the 4-metre 65mm Square Downpipe which also comes in a 2.5m length to accommodate different building sizes. Accessories like the 65mm Downpipe 112.5° Offset Bend and 92.5° Offset Bends are crucial for precise installations. 


The range also features Downpipe Clips, Sockets, and Branch fittings for secure and effective water routing. Additional components like the Downpipe Shoe and Adaptors, including the 68mm Round to 65mm Square Downpipe Adaptor, enhance adaptability, while the Standard Hopper Head and Wire Balloon Grating offer added functionality for comprehensive water management solutions.

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