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25mm MDPE Standpipe, c/w 3/4'' Single Bib Tap & Double Check Valve

25mm MDPE Standpipe, c/w 3/4" Single Bib Tap & Double Check Valve£59.07 ex. VAT£70.88 inc. VAT

3/4'' Hydrant Standpipe, c/w Single Bib Tap & Double Check Valve

3/4" Hydrant Standpipe, c/w Single Bib Tap & Double Check Valve£59.07 ex. VAT£70.88 inc. VAT

Hydrant Key

Hydrant Key£17.86 ex. VAT£21.43 inc. VAT

Stop Tap Key 42'' - Channel Type

Stop Tap Key 42" - Channel Type£17.42 ex. VAT£20.90 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

What Are Water Standpipes?

Water standpipes are permanent fixture in a garden or yard that serves as an alternative to a hose, allowing you to have access to water for tree irrigation, washing or other purposes that is convenient away from a building. Designed for long term use, water standpipes are superior to a hose in many ways most notably that it doesn’t present a tripping hazard and can’t be damaged by being stood on or run over by vehicles. It is also safer in that it is less likely to cause leaks or other damage that could cause an expensive issue in your yard or garden. Water standpipes are a convenient way to fill a watering can or attach to a pressure washer for washing a car, without mess or worry.

How Do Water Standpipes Work?

A water standpipe is simply a vertical pipe and tap system that you can install outside your home, which connects to an underground MDPE pipe, allowing you to access water at a convenient height wherever you need it. You can then collect water directly from the tap, or attach it to a hose, pressure washer or irrigation system to let you carry out a task. It can also be used to supply temporary water sources on building sites and other work areas, then moved to another location when necessary.

At the Drainage Shop we stock a complete package of water standpipes that will allow you to easily source and fit exactly what you need to create the temporary or permanent water source required. Our 1.08m water standpipe is Water Research Council approved, meaning that it meets all the standards for supplying drinkable water, and is also made from a combination of steel with a brass tap, which is excellent at resisting corrosion and providing clean and drinkable water.

Water Standpipes At The Drainage Shop?

As well as our garden standpipe options, we also supply water standpipe accessories to help make your installation easier to use and more effective. Our hydrant keys allow you to easily isolate the water supply by turning it on and off, which is a great way to help prevent leaks and can prevent damage to the standpipe in cold weather if the water inside freezes. We also supply an underground garden hose kit, which is a useful alternative to a water standpipe: This is a buried cube which contains the hose, allowing you to lift the lid and use the hose, then to pack it away and close the lid to store it. 

The Drainage Shop’s garden standpipe kit is a complete solution for any outdoor water supply situation, and its easy to use and easy to install MDPE compression fittings means that these water standpipes can be erected quickly as well as taken down and moved quickly for extra ease.

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