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Pipe Repair Kits

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Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (150mm - 300mm pipes)

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (150mm - 300mm pipes)£84.85 ex. VAT£101.82 inc. VAT

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (100mm - 150mm pipes)

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (100mm - 150mm pipes)£51.79 ex. VAT£62.15 inc. VAT

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (50mm - 100mm pipes)

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (50mm - 100mm pipes)£39.79 ex. VAT£47.75 inc. VAT

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (25mm - 50mm pipes)

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (25mm - 50mm pipes)£31.90 ex. VAT£38.28 inc. VAT

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (15mm - 25mm pipes)

Sylwrap Universal Pipe Repair Kit (15mm - 25mm pipes)£25.28 ex. VAT£30.34 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction to Pipe Repair Kits

Pipe repair kits are used to repair leaks or other damage to underground drainage pipes. These kits typically include a variety of patches, clamps, and other materials that can be used to repair the pipe quickly and efficiently. Some underground pipe repair kits may also include instructions or other tools to help with the repair process. An underground pipe repair kit is an essential item to have on hand for any homeowner or business owner, as they can help prevent costly water damage and save time and money on plumbing repairs.

A particularly useful product is a soil pipe repair kit; these are used to fix faults in pipes that carry waste to the main sewer line. A pipe repair kit can come in various sizes offering the user the chance to seal up any burst pipes quickly and easily. 

Features and Benefits of Pipe Repair Kits

There are a number of benefits to using the underground pipe repair kits or having them handy should the need ever arise. 

The versatility of many pipe repair kits means they are effective as the first response to any issues on metal, plastic or PVC pipes. This is useful if you are fixing a pipe and do not know what it is made from or the best way to patch it. Most underground pipe repair kits are small and light to carry, meaning it is easy always to have one close to hand should the need come. 

The time it takes to use a pipe repair kit is a lot less than using traditional methods of turning off the water, draining the pipe and cutting off to replace it. In terms of price, it is a lot cheaper to quickly and effectively patch a pipe than to hire somebody to come and fix the pipe for you. The majority of pipe repair kits are easy to use and do not require specific experience, knowledge or tools to use yourself, meaning regardless if your needing to repair surface boxes or inspection chamber sets, these kits can come in handy.


Pipe Repair Kits at The Drainage Centre

The pipe repair kit and soil pipe repair kits that are available on site come labelled for the size of pipes they are designed to fix an issue for, for example we sell sylwrap universal pipe repair kit (15mm - 25mm pipes), sylwrap universal pipe repair kit (50mm - 100mm pipes), and sylwrap universal pipe repair Kit (25mm - 50mm pipes). The prices of these products are displayed with or without VAT alongside a picture of each pipe repair kit, giving an indication of the product size. 

The SylWrap pipe repair kits we offer are classed as soil pipe repair kits and can be used on pipes of steel, copper, ceramic, clay, rubber, most plastics and more. The pipe repair kit that we offer is suitable for repairing pipework of all diameters and is resistant to aggressive chemicals. 


All of the underground pipe repair kit products that we offer at the Drainage Shop include Pipe Burst Tape, which is used to seal live leaks. This is great as an immediate response to avoid flooding after a pipe issue has been discovered. There is also a superfast epoxy putty that is used to seal the leak once the flow has been stopped. This is strengthened further with the use of SylWrap water-activated fibreglass wrap that reinforces and completes the repair.


The different sizes of pipe repair kit at The Drainage Shop are great for use with a range of pipes; it is important to check the product size and use the right one for each pipe. These underground pipe repair kits are a great addition when buying 160mm drainage pipes or 200mm drainage pipes for example as they provide solutions to potential problems.

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