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GROUNDBREAKER SHalloduct Insulation

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SHalloduct to suit 25mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells)

SHalloduct to suit 25mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells)£15.79 ex. VAT£18.95 inc. VAT

SHalloduct to suit 32mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells)

SHalloduct to suit 32mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells)£15.79 ex. VAT£18.95 inc. VAT

110mm Blue Twinwall Duct x 3m inc coupling

110mm Blue Twinwall Duct x 3m inc coupling£17.50 ex. VAT£21.00 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

What Is Groundbreaker SHalloduct Insulation?

One of the biggest dangers in any plumbing installation is the risk of cold weather, when pipes can become blocked or even damaged when the water inside them freezes. This is why it’s a requirement that water pipes are buried below the frost barrier when they supply domestic, commercial or light industrial properties, but this can be a problem when installing water pipes in difficult or sensitive areas. Things like buried services, tree roots, building foundations or underground obstructions van prevent you from installing your water pipes at the required depth, which is where Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation comes in. This is a specially designed water repellent insulation insert that can be added to a duct to keep the water pipe warm in cold weather, allowing it to sit closer to the surface while still being safe.

How Does Groundbreaker SHalloduct Insulation Work?

Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation comes as two 835mm long half-shells (available in 25mm and 32mm) that can be inserted into semi-rigid ducts, allowing a pipe to be run through the centre of the two shells. Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation holds the pipe in place and insulates it along its whole length, so that cold weather won’t freeze the water inside the pipe. As well as being effective at insulating the pipe inside at shallow depths, it is even possible to run the pipe over ground when using in temporary situations or when it is impractical to bury the pipe, when the insulation has the added benefit of protecting the pipe from traffic damage too.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Groundbreaker SHalloduct Insulation?

Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation allows you to run water pipes in locations where it would have previously been impossible without extensive and invasive groundworks to make the area suitable for the pipes to meet depth regulations, such as removing obstacles. This means that it can make works much faster and much cheaper than they would have been. It is very easy to install Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation into existing ducting that is common in the industry, simply sliding into existing products as designed, meaning it can be deployed quickly and safely without extra training.

The fact that Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation can also be laid above ground while still protecting the pipe inside means that water can be safely installed even in places where burying pipe is impossible or impractical, allowing water access in a greater variety of applications without breaking the bank, and greatly increasing the flexibility with which you can operate.  This is a benfit that can apply to a whole range of products at the Drainage Shop, not just Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation.

Groundbreaker SHalloduct Insulation At The Drainage Shop

The Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation range at the Drainage Shop includes Groundbreaker SHalloduct to suit 25mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells), SHalloduct to suit 32mm MDPE 835mm long (pair of half shells), as well as 3m twinwall ducting including coupling. This range is the perfect combination to create a reliable and safe water connection that won’t freeze or be damaged by traffic, even when run above ground. Made from high quality and heavy duty plastic, this ducting is twin walled for extra safety and is designed with durability and strength in mind, able to perform well despite constant use in all weathers, complementing the Groundbreaker SHalloduct insulation shells inside. We also stock a range of twinwall duct coils which may be able to help if you cannot find what you are looking for in this range.

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