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Single wall perforated land drain pipe used as a collector drain for the removal of excess surface water on gardens and fields to a suitable collection point. Not suitable as a dispersal drain for Septic Tanks.


What Are Perforated Land Drainage Pipes?

Perforated land drainage pipes are primarily used for draining open spaces that are too large or isolated to be practically drained by gullies or into channel drainage systems. Much like other types of drains, perforated land drainage pipes and fittings take in water and convey it away from the area that you’re trying to drain, usually into a natural watercourse or a mains sewer system. This is very useful in boggy or waterlogged areas that need to be kept dry such as car parks, sports fields, agricultural land or large lawns and can be a great asset in keeping these usable all year round. 

Why Use Perforated Land Drainage Pipes?

Perforated land drainage pipes have a few advantages over fixed drains and gullies, notably that they are much more scalable and can be used on large sites relatively easily and inexpensively without a large amount of groundwork. This means they are very cost effective when used at scale, and can cover much more space for the money you spend. Another advantage of perforated land drainage pipes and fittings is that it’s much easier and more cost effective to dispose of the water once it’s collected, allowing it to be conveyed along the pipes a considerable distance to where it can be safely drained into a sewer or water course. Perforated drainage pipes are also useful for managed drainage, draining water at a slow but steady rate to prevent flooding at the site they empty into, unlike larger systems which have a larger capacity.

What Types Of Perforated Land Drainage Pipes Are There?

The two major types of land drainage pipe are perforated and unperforated, which serve two different functions in the drainage process. Perforated land drainage pipes are the kind that allow surface water to drain into them through the holes, taking the water into the pipe and carrying it to another location. The second type of land drainage pipe is the Unperforated version, which simply extends the reach of the system and allows water to be carried further away from the drainage area. Unperforated pipes are strengthened and corrugated to allow them to carry the water safely and without leaks. At the Drainage Shop we sell both drainage pipe types.

Perforated Land Drainage Pipes At The Drainage Shop

Within our flexible Land Drainage Pipe range we stock both perforated and unperforated pipes as well as a wide variety of parts and accessories to make your installation more effective. We stock perforated 25mm perforated land drainage pipe, 50mm perforated land drainage pipe, 60mm perforated land drainage pipe, 80mm perforated land drainage pipe, 100mm perforated land drainage pipe, 125mm perforated land drainage pipe and 160mm perforated drainage pipe diameters depending on the flow rate you would like to achieve in your drainage scheme, and we sell them in lengths between 25m and 250m for maximum coverage. Alongside these we sell a variety of Land Drainage Pipe Fitting couplings and junctions that allow you to create more sophisticated drainage systems with bends and junctions in them, as well as anti-vermin protection and caps for the creation of dead ends. All of these products are made out of high quality heavy duty plastic and metal that is hard wearing and durable enough to perform for long periods of time with little to no maintenance, while performing to a high standard.

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