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40mm Solvent

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40mm Waste Pipe x3m

40mm Waste Pipe x3m£4.75 ex. VAT£5.70 inc. VAT

40mm Waste Pipe x3m (pack of 10)

40mm Waste Pipe x3m (pack of 10)£45.14 ex. VAT£54.17 inc. VAT

40mm Straight Coupling

40mm Straight Coupling£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

40mm 135(45) Obtuse Bend

40mm 135(45) Obtuse Bend£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

32mm 45 Spigot Bend

32mm 45 Spigot Bend£0.88 ex. VAT£1.06 inc. VAT

40mm 45 Spigot Bend

40mm 45 Spigot Bend£0.88 ex. VAT£1.06 inc. VAT

40mm 90 Knuckle Bend

40mm 90 Knuckle Bend£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

40mm 92.5  Swept Bend

40mm 92.5 Swept Bend£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

40mm 90 Conversion Bend

40mm 90 Conversion Bend£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

40mm 92.5  Swept Tee

40mm 92.5 Swept Tee£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

40mm 135 (45) Branch

40mm 135 (45) Branch£0.90 ex. VAT£1.08 inc. VAT

40mm Pipe Clip

40mm Pipe Clip£0.34 ex. VAT£0.41 inc. VAT

40mm - 32mm Reducer

40mm - 32mm Reducer£0.90 ex. VAT£1.08 inc. VAT

40mm Screwed Access Plug

40mm Screwed Access Plug£0.87 ex. VAT£1.04 inc. VAT

32/40/50 Air Admittance Valve

32/40/50 Air Admittance Valve£5.82 ex. VAT£6.98 inc. VAT

'Big Boss' Adaptor 110mm/40mm

'Big Boss' Adaptor 110mm/40mm£4.99 ex. VAT£5.99 inc. VAT

1''  Flexible Tee

1" Flexible Tee£8.71 ex. VAT£10.45 inc. VAT

1'' Flexible Coupling

1" Flexible Coupling£3.75 ex. VAT£4.50 inc. VAT

40mm Compression Flexible Waste Pipe

40mm Compression Flexible Waste Pipe£6.93 ex. VAT£8.32 inc. VAT

PVC Pipe Cement

PVC Pipe Cement£3.95 ex. VAT£4.74 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

An Introduction To 40mm Solvent Waste Systems


40mm solvent waste systems can create some of the strongest bonds between drainage products, with the solvent weld referring to a process that essentially fuses components together. This is achieved by applying either an adhesive or a solvent to a pipe and its fittings, partially dissolving the plastic in order to create a watertight connection. Consequently, the efficiency and overall safety of a plumbing or drainage system is significantly enhanced, hence, we here at The Drainage Shop house a number of 40mm solvent waste systems, each performing its own unique role in achieving this outcome.


Features And Benefits Of 40mm Solvent Waste Systems


As the main role of 40mm solvent waste systems is to transport wastewater through a drainage system. As a result, the materials used in order to create these waste drainage pipes need to be corrosion resistant due to the constant contact with water 40mm solvent waste systems will come into contact with. This is where PVC comes into the fold, with this not being affected by the elements or even the chemicals used to seal 40mm solvent waste systems.


Not only this but the PVC used in 40mm solvent waste systems is also highly durable, with this alone possessing a whole number of benefits on a drainage system alone. This means that these soil pipes and fittings could withstand any forces that they may sustain, whether that be a result of external impacts or even high volumes of water that may flow through them.


The PVC used in a 40mm solvent waste systems, despite having a number of key benefits, still manages to maintain a lightweight frame. This means that they offer ease of installation as a whole, with them being able to be positioned without an over abundance of equipment, tools or general manpower. This same benefit can also be applied to the range of 40mm pushfit pipes and fittings as well as the smaller 32mm pushfit pipes and fittings we stock on site.


40mm Solvent Waste Systems At The Drainage Shop


There are a number of different options of 40mm solvent waste systems here at The Drainage Shop, each which has its own unique role, possessing all the features and benefits which we have touched upon in the section above. One of the main 40mm solvent waste system components is the 40mm Waste Pipe, with this being one of the main items responsible for transporting high volumes of waste water through a plumbing or drainage system. This can be primarily attributed to their length, with this preventing both blocks and clogs, all whilst allowing water to flow through freely and efficiently.


However, these 40mm solvent waste systems will likely need to be secured to one another, and one component which can do this is the 40mm Straight Coupling. This is mainly used when pipes are already aligned, and fitting these to connect pipes can create a watertight seal not susceptible to any leaks. In addition to these, there are a number of other 40mm solvent weld pipe couplings that come in different angles, ranging from the obtuse 45° option to the slightly curved 92.5° bend.


Although the solvent and adhesives used to secure PVC 40mm solvent waste systems together is extremely strong, using the 1½“ Flexible Coupling can present its own benefits. These 40mm solvent weld pipe couplings can reduce the overall vibrations and the subsequent sound caused by high volume of water flowing through any pipes, and the rubber material has even more friction between the plastic pipes, creating an even stronger connection.

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