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40mm Waste Traps

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40mm 'P' Trap 38mm Seal

40mm 'P' Trap 38mm Seal£3.47 ex. VAT£4.16 inc. VAT

40mm 'P' Trap 76mm Seal

40mm 'P' Trap 76mm Seal£3.77 ex. VAT£4.52 inc. VAT

40mm Shallow Bath Trap

40mm Shallow Bath Trap£3.71 ex. VAT£4.45 inc. VAT

40mm 'S' Trap 38mm Seal

40mm 'S' Trap 38mm Seal£4.00 ex. VAT£4.80 inc. VAT

40mm Washing Machine Upstand Trap

40mm Washing Machine Upstand Trap£5.62 ex. VAT£6.74 inc. VAT

40mm Bottle Trap 38mm Seal

40mm Bottle Trap 38mm Seal£3.20 ex. VAT£3.84 inc. VAT

40mm Bottle Trap 76mm Seal

40mm Bottle Trap 76mm Seal£3.20 ex. VAT£3.84 inc. VAT

40mm Telescopic Bottle Trap 76mm Seal

40mm Telescopic Bottle Trap 76mm Seal£3.94 ex. VAT£4.73 inc. VAT

40mm HepVo Waterless Trap

40mm HepVo Waterless Trap£35.00 ex. VAT£42.00 inc. VAT

40mm HepVo Knuckle Adaptor

40mm HepVo Knuckle Adaptor£8.94 ex. VAT£10.73 inc. VAT

40mm HepVo Running Adaptor

40mm HepVo Running Adaptor£8.94 ex. VAT£10.73 inc. VAT

40mm Multikwik Adjustable Utility 'P' - Double Nozzle

40mm Multikwik Adjustable Utility 'P' - Double Nozzle£10.94 ex. VAT£13.13 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

An Introduction To 40mm Waste Trap


A 40mm waste trap is a plumbing component designed to prevent sewer gases from entering a building. Typically installed under sinks, showers, and other drainage points, it holds a small amount of water that acts as a seal, blocking the gas. The '40mm' refers to the diameter of the pipe, which is a standard size in many underground drainage products. 


These traps are characterised by their 40mm diameter, making them suitable for a variety of plumbing fixtures like sinks, baths, and showers. They are one of the most well-known water pipe systems commonly used in plumbing. The design of a 40mm waste trap includes a curved section of pipe that holds water, creating a seal. This water seal is crucial as it blocks the backflow of unpleasant and potentially harmful sewer gases into buildings. The 40mm size is particularly significant as it corresponds to a common pipe size in plumbing systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation in many scenarios.


Features And Benefits Of 40mm Waste Trap


The features of 40mm waste traps encompass several key aspects that contribute to their functionality and reliability in plumbing systems. The primary feature is the 40mm diameter, a standard size that ensures compatibility with a wide range of fixtures. These traps are designed with a water seal, which is crucial for preventing sewer gas backflow. They are available in various materials, including PVC, plastic, and metal, offering durability and resistance to corrosion. 


The benefits of 40mm waste traps are multifaceted, primarily focusing on health, hygiene, and practicality. Firstly, they prevent the backflow of sewer gases into living spaces, thereby eliminating associated odours and potential health risks. Their standard 40mm size ensures wide compatibility with various plumbing fixtures, making them a versatile choice in different settings. 


The adaptability of 40mm waste traps, in terms of both material and design, underscores their importance in modern plumbing systems, ensuring efficient drainage while protecting indoor environments from the odours and hazards of sewer gases.


40mm Waste Trap At The Drainage Shop


Some of the best products on the Drainage Shop site include the 40mm bottle trap 40mm Bottle Trap 76mm Seal, as well as the 40mm Washing Machine Upstand Trap products and a few others. There are plenty of other products on the site, as the Drainage Shop aims to provide the best products for all applications.

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