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An Introduction To Inspection Chamber Sets

Inspection chamber sets are pieces of kit that can be used in alongside all of our are range of different drainage products. It typically consists of an inspection chamber, which is a manhole-like structure that allows access to the underground drainage pipes and other components of the system, and a cover or lid that fits over the chamber to provide easy access for inspection and maintenance purposes. Inspection chamber sets are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial 


Inspection chamber sets are typically made from durable materials such as plastic or metal to withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. They are designed to provide easy access to the drainage system for inspection and maintenance and can help to prevent issues such as clogs, leaks, and corrosion.

Features And Benefits Of Inspection Chamber Sets

There is a great range of advantages associated with using inspection chamber sets when it comes to product use and installation. The purpose of inspection chamber sets is to allow authorised entry for inspection and maintenance when required allowing the individual to quickly and safely enter the system. These inspection and manhole sets are made from durable materials that ensure a long lifespan withstanding heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. 

One of the main bonuses of using inspection chamber sets instead of buying the products individually is the convenience and pricing. The product sets are usually easier to install for trained professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, depending on the specific project requirements. 

Inspection Chamber Sets At The Drainage Shop

If you are looking to use inspection chamber sets, you can find a brilliant range of products available to use at the Drainage Shop. The majority of items on offer are sized between 320mm and 450mm with square or circular manhole covers used. 

The 320mm Inspection Chamber Sets on offer include a 320mm manhole chamber with five inlets and a 400mm high riser added to make space between the chamber and manhole. There are only square manhole covers available for the 320mm inspection chamber sets that use either a plastic or recessed cover for those wanting the cover to blend in. 

There is a more extensive range available when it comes to our 320mm Inspection Chamber or 450mm Inspection Chamber sets. Customers can choose from square, round or recessed covers with various different high riser options available to them. The high riser products in these 450mm Inspection Chamber Sets are all  215mm in length, though make up for this in width. All of the 450mm Inspection Chamber Sets include seals that make the Inspection Chamber Sets even more secure. 

All of the inspection chamber sets discussed, plus photographs and star ratings from past customers, can be found on the site.


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