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Drain Testing Kits

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Drain Testing Kit

Drain Testing Kit£28.17 ex. VAT£33.80 inc. VAT

Drain Testing Kit c/w 2 x 100mm plugs

Drain Testing Kit c/w 2 x 100mm plugs£37.99 ex. VAT£45.59 inc. VAT

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An Introduction to Drain Testing Kits


The Drainage Shop offers specialist drain testing kits to suit any requirements. Drain testing is an important process used to test a underground drainage systems capacity, such as sewers, pipes or drains. Typically, this process is used on new or newly renovated plumbing systems to ensure that they are working properly, that no future difficulties will arise, and that the system is functioning properly. To ensure these tests can be conducted properly, whoever conducts them must use drain testing kits. These are important as they allow proper and thorough tests to be conducted professionally and safely.


Features and Benefits of Drain Testing Kits


These drain testing kits typically include a range of specific tools and instruments designed to measure the water pressure, flow rate and other parameters to ensure the drainage is functioning properly. Some of the most common aspects of drain testing equipment include a manometer which acts as an instrument that measures water pressure within the system. This hydrostatic testing pump acts as a device to pressurise the plumbing system with water during testing. An inflation hose and drain testing plug are used to ensure the plumbing system is sealed off during testing; a drain camera is a small camera that can be placed into the plumbing system to inspect for blockages or other issues. Further tools include a smoke machine, used to introduce smoke into the plumbing system to detect leaks and a water flow metre which is used to measure the rate of water flow through the plumbing system.  


There are many benefits to using drain testing kits in order to test plumbing systems. They can be helpful to defect issues early on, allowing plumbers, contractors and inspectors to identify potential issues in the plumbing systems before they become too serious and costly to be able to repair. Drain testing kits also ensure that people are complying correctly with regulations. Many local building codes and regulations require that plumbing be tested before it is used. Drain testing kits can ensure that plumbing systems are safe and reliable whilst being used and improve plumbing efficiency. In addition to all of this, drain testing kits can also help to hand plumbers and contractors identify areas of the plumbing that may be causing slower drainage or other issues. This can make plumbing more efficient and significantly lower people's water bills.


Drain Testing Kits at The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop offers a range of specialised drain testing kits, all with a set of equipment which can be used to test plumbing systems for leaks, blockages and any other issues that may arise. Drain testing kits typically comes with a range of different fittings. Our standard drain testing kits include a U-gauge, pump and all the fittings needed to test a drainage system. We offer all of the common fitting types, such as rubber cones, plugs, test balls, drain testing bags and mechanical stoppers, to cater to every single customer's needs. 

Drain testing kits can vary depending on the manufacturer and materials used to make the kit in the first place. Still, the Drainage Shop always offers well-made drain testing kits that are durable enough to withstand repeated use. These kits are made from high-quality materials, as they are more resistant to wear and tear, such as durable plastic 100mm plugs in our  drain testing kit c/w. You can also be sure to end up with good, sustainable products at The Drainage Shop, and these drain testing kits are a definite must-have. We stock a wide range of drain testing equipment which includes drain rods, drain dyes and more.

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