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White Overflow

21.5mm Overflow pipe system for use as a WC overflow pipe or as HE Boiler Condensate Drain

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21.5mm White Overflow Pipe x 3m P/E

21.5mm White Overflow Pipe x 3m P/E£3.09 ex. VAT£3.71 inc. VAT

21.5mm White Straight Coupling

21.5mm White Straight Coupling£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm White 135 Elbow

21.5mm White 135 Elbow£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm White 90 Elbow

21.5mm White 90 Elbow£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm White Tee

21.5mm White Tee£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

21.5mm White Clip

21.5mm White Clip£0.19 ex. VAT£0.23 inc. VAT

21.5mm Tank Connector

21.5mm Tank Connector£0.51 ex. VAT£0.61 inc. VAT

32mm x 21.5mm White Reducer

32mm x 21.5mm White Reducer£0.76 ex. VAT£0.91 inc. VAT

40mm x 21.5mm White Reducer

40mm x 21.5mm White Reducer£0.76 ex. VAT£0.91 inc. VAT

Condensate Soakaway

Condensate Soakaway£23.18 ex. VAT£27.82 inc. VAT

Condensate Soakaway

Overflow 1''/1'' Pipe Clamp Grey

Overflow 1"/1" Pipe Clamp Grey£11.39 ex. VAT£13.67 inc. VAT

Overflow 1''/1'' Pipe Clamp White

Overflow 1"/1" Pipe Clamp White£11.39 ex. VAT£13.67 inc. VAT

'Big Boss' Adaptor 110mm/21.5mm (overflow)

'Big Boss' Adaptor 110mm/21.5mm (overflow)£5.39 ex. VAT£6.47 inc. VAT

PVC Pipe Cement

PVC Pipe Cement£3.95 ex. VAT£4.74 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

An Introduction To White Overflow Systems


White overflow pipes are a major component in plumbing systems that connect to underground drainage and prevent water tanks, cisterns, and other storage vessels from overfilling. The pipes in these systems are white, as you can gather from their name, and this makes them very distinguishable within plumbing setups, meaning people can easily identify the system and its parts. 


The installation of these pipes is generally straightforward, with their positioning being critical to ensure they are effective only when the normal water level is exceeded. White overflow pipes play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and safety of plumbing systems, particularly in residential and commercial buildings where water storage is a necessity.


Features And Benefits Of White Overflow Systems


The primary benefit of white overflow pipes is the prevention of water overflow and the resultant damage that can occur in plumbing systems. They accompany other water pipe systems in this process, making systems airtight and sealed throughout. By providing a safe pathway for excess water, these pipes protect against flooding, water damage to property, and potential structural issues. 


The white coloration aids in easy identification and maintenance, ensuring that any blockages or issues can be quickly spotted and addressed. Additionally, their construction from durable materials like uPVC ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion, making them a reliable component in plumbing systems.


White overflow pipes and white overflow systems are characterised by several distinct features, such as them being available in various diameters to suit different plumbing requirements, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of water storage systems. They are typically designed to be easy to install and connect to existing plumbing, offering a straightforward solution for preventing water overflow in both residential and commercial settings. 


The simplicity and effectiveness of white overflow pipes make them a vital component in maintaining the safety and efficiency of plumbing systems, syncing them up to the drainage outlets and other components in the system effortlessly..


White Overflow Systems At The Drainage Shop


All of the products for white overflow systems on the Drainage Shop are made from the best materials and are the highest quality you will find anywhere online.


All of the products offered are of an incredible standard. Products include the 21.5mm white overflow pipe in a 3 metre length, as well as the 21.5mm white 135-degree elbow bend. All parts are vital for a functioning system.

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