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What Are Plasson Universal Couplers?

Plasson universal couplers are designed to connect pipes and other plumbing parts together no matter what material each is made out of. This is very useful if you’re carrying out your job with a variety of materials, or if you’re retrofitting in a site that has different pipe materials, because you can easily use these couplings in all circumstances. Plasson universal couplers are also very easy and clean to use because they don’t require any adhesives or welding to attach them, and can simply be tightened on using a wrench, which is much faster and tidier.

Features And Benefits Of Plasson Universal Couplers

One of the main advantages of using Plasson universal couplers is that they have an excellent range of options, so regardless of your needs there is guaranteed to be the right part for you. In our range of Plasson universal couplers we have the following products: PLASS4 Elbow PE x Universal, Universal Coupling PE x Universal, Universal Coupling Copper/PEX x Universal, PLASS4 Coupler PE x Universal and Universal Slip Coupling (1761) Slide N' Seal.

Every part in the Drainage Shop range is available in a variety of sizes so that you have lots of choice, all the way from 15-22mm to 35-50mm. As well as the different sizes on offer there are also lots of different configurations to help you achieve your needs, including straight couplings and elbow couplings as well as couplings with and without external flanges and slide’n’seal varieties.

Each of these different types of Plasson universal couplers are also different in terms of the job it’s meant to do, and many are rated to different temperatures and levels of pressure, which makes them perfect for use in different situations. For example, with hot or cold water tanks or with pressurised vessels. The fact that they’re universal makes this especially helpful because you can use them throughout your site regardless of the materials the other pipes are made of, or if there are different materials in different areas.

Why Choose Plasson Universal Couplers?

Plasson is a widely respected international plumbing manufacturer based in Israel that puts a large amount of funding behind quality control and research and development, meaning that you can always be confident in their Plasson universal couplers especially. Their plastic is high quality and heavy duty, so it can be relied upon to work well for a long period of time even under difficult conditions and continuous use. Their parts are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, making them highly cost effective in the long term, and the fact that they’re so easy to install means fewer man-hour spent working with them.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to ensure strong and robust connections between pipes of all sizes and types, choosing Plasson universal couplers is the best way to get top quality and value for money. No tools are required to install their parts, and many of their products are simply push-fit installations. The same thing can apply to Plasson meter connection points above & below ground as well! They have such a wide range of applications because of their durability and ability to work well in many different environments, meaning you can be as flexible as possible on site without having to buy lots of different parts, because the Plasson universal couplers do it all. 

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