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Drain Coupling

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1'' Flexible Coupling

1" Flexible Coupling£3.75 ex. VAT£4.50 inc. VAT

1'' Flexible Coupling

1" Flexible Coupling£3.75 ex. VAT£4.50 inc. VAT

2'' Flexible Coupling

2" Flexible Coupling£6.49 ex. VAT£7.79 inc. VAT

42-50mm Flexible Coupling

42-50mm Flexible Coupling£6.51 ex. VAT£7.81 inc. VAT

60-68mm Flexible Drain Coupling

60-68mm Flexible Drain Coupling£6.43 ex. VAT£7.72 inc. VAT

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling£4.85 ex. VAT£5.82 inc. VAT

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 5

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 5£23.50 ex. VAT£28.20 inc. VAT

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 10

100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 10£46.00 ex. VAT£55.20 inc. VAT

110mm Economy Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 10

110mm Economy Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 10£41.00 ex. VAT£49.20 inc. VAT

110mm Economy Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 50

110mm Economy Flexible Drain Coupling Pack of 50£195.00 ex. VAT£234.00 inc. VAT

110mm Economy Flexible Coupling PVC

110mm Economy Flexible Coupling PVC£4.20 ex. VAT£5.04 inc. VAT

75-89mm Flexible Drain Coupling

75-89mm Flexible Drain Coupling£6.87 ex. VAT£8.24 inc. VAT

150-165mm Flexible Drain Coupling DC165

150-165mm Flexible Drain Coupling DC165£11.50 ex. VAT£13.80 inc. VAT

180-195mm Flexible Drain Coupling

180-195mm Flexible Drain Coupling£10.53 ex. VAT£12.64 inc. VAT

197-212mm Flexible Drain Coupling

197-212mm Flexible Drain Coupling£24.25 ex. VAT£29.10 inc. VAT

8mm Nut Driver

8mm Nut Driver£9.34 ex. VAT£11.21 inc. VAT

Flexseal Internal Push Fit Coupling 4 Inch IC100P

Flexseal Internal Push Fit Coupling 4 Inch IC100P£42.11 ex. VAT£50.53 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

An Introduction to Flexible Drain Coupling

Put in the simplest of terms, a flexible drain coupling is a plumbing component that is used to connect two sections of flexible drain pipe together, however, they are designed in a way that allows for movement and expansion of the pipes without causing damage to the connection. This makes them an ideal choice for use in areas where pipes may be subject to movement or vibration, such as in a building with a high level of foot traffic or in an area with heavy machinery.

When it comes down to these drain couplings, these can come in several different styles, with one of these being the bellows-style coupling. This consists of a flexible bellow with flanges on either end that connect to flexible drain pipe products. Similarly, the expansion joint variation also accommodates a range of movement, allowing for expansion and contraction of the pipes due to changes in temperature. Furthermore, there is also the flexible rubber drain coupling, which is primarily used in tandem with PVC pipes.

Features and Benefits of Flexible Drain Coupling

One of the biggest advantages of using drain coupling is that they can greatly reduce the amount of stress on the flexible drain pipe and joints, reducing the risk of leaks and other damage. Drain coupling can also make it easier to install and maintain the drainage system, as they can be easily adjusted or replaced if needed. 

Another important benefit of using drain coupling is that they can help to reduce noise levels in the drainage system. This is because the flexible drain coupling bellows and rubber materials used in the couplings can act as a sound barrier, absorbing and dampening the noise generated by the movement of water and waste through the pipes.

Flexible Drain Coupling at The Drainage Shop

When selecting a flexible drain coupling, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the application, including the size and type of flexible drain pipes being used. As a result of this, we stock a wide range of different sized drain couplings, ranging from 42mm all the way up to 212mm. Consequently, the various sizes of drain coupling on offer can accommodate a host of different flexible drain pipe, as well as being able withstand larger quantities of wastewater. 

This is also achieved due to the construction of the drain couplings we stock at the Drainage Shop. Each of these flexible drain coupling products is constructed with a high-quality rubber, which is not only element resistant, but also highly durable. Their black sleek aesthetics means they can easily slot into any pre-established drainage systems. These come in two different variations, these being the standard double ended flexible drain coupling and the more economy variations. 

What is more, should you wish to purchase these in bulk, we offer some flexible drain coupling packs at the Drainage Shop. These options can come with between 5 and 50 flexible drain couplings, all of which adorn the same qualities which we have already discussed. In addition, all these flexible drain couplings have embedded metal castings to provide stability as well as overall support. Some of the most popular flexible drainage couplings are 110mm Economy Flexible Coupling PVC100-115mm Flexible Drain Coupling, and 2" Flexible Coupling.

If you can't find what you are looking for we stock a wide range of flexible pipe couplings to suit any project, this includes flexible adaptors, more standard pipe couplings, plus a whole lot more flexible drain pipe products.


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