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300mm x 300mm Catch Basin - Slotted Grate

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin - Slotted Grate£17.26 ex. VAT£20.71 inc. VAT

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin - Solid Cover

300mm x 300mm Catch Basin - Solid Cover£17.26 ex. VAT£20.71 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

What Is A Catch Basin Drain?

A catch basin drain is a plumbing fixture designed to help prevent blockages in a building’s underground drainage system, by literally catching scum and debris before it gets the chance to enter pipes that it could block or enter the mains sewer system and damage it. These systems are relatively simple but can save you or the building owner a lot of time and expense later by making blockages less likely. Typically made from either plastic or masonry, our plastic catch basin drain products are considerably easier to use than brick equivalents and are much easier to install too.

How Does A Catch Basin Work?

A catch basin drain is designed to sit below the level of the sewer, and allows for one or more points of entry depending on how many pipes are expected to flow into it. There are also open-topped catch basins that allow water to flow directly from the ground into the basin like a drain, so it can function as an extra source of drainage in itself. The foul water enters the catch drains full of impurities and debris, then after a period of time these settle to the bottom of the catch drains leaving only clear water on top, which flows out of another pipe in the side of the basin and into the rest of the drainage system with the harmful debris removed. By pairing catch drains alongside other products such as ducting pipes, the overall efficiency of a drainage system can be increased significantly.

Do I Need A Catch Basin?

Catch drains in the UK are standard on just about all homes before modern drainage channel filtration systems were invented, because stubborn particulates and grease used to cause problems for municipal water works when the foul water arrived for treatment. Modern filtration plants are able to mostly deal with these problems, but the same can’t be said for all domestic and commercial sewage systems. If you’re working on an older property, or if the sewage system at the property is smaller than average for whatever reason, a catch basin drain can be a great way to stop problems before they start by removing large debris before it has chance to block the pipes.

Catch Basin Drains At The Drainage Shop

At the Drainage Shop some of the best catch drains in the UK within our range of underground drainage pipes and fittings that are 300x300 in size. One of these includes the 300mm x 300mm catch basin which allows you to deal with the majority of domestic and commercial drainage and to protect those sewage systems from blockage. Made from high quality plastic, these catch drains are tough and durable enough for constant use while still performing well. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and can even be fitted with a cast iron mesh cover in case it’s necessary for pedestrians to be able to step on the drain. We stock both sealed catch basin drain products and open catch basins so they can be used for both piped waste water and as a rainwater drain, and the rainwater version has a high quality mesh cover to prevent debris from entering from the top. These UK catch drains are much easier to install than the brick variety, being light and quick to fit, and have a long life expectancy thanks to their tough plastic design.

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