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9'' Surface Box (235mm x 235mm x 75mm) Badged Water

9" Surface Box (235mm x 235mm x 75mm) Badged Water£13.56 ex. VAT£16.27 inc. VAT

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'W' 152mm x 127mm x 75mm Deep

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'W' 152mm x 127mm x 75mm Deep£23.20 ex. VAT£27.84 inc. VAT

Stop Tap Box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - Black Polypropylene

Stop Tap Box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - Black Polypropylene£5.43 ex. VAT£6.52 inc. VAT

Stop Tap Chamber Assembly with 750mm high riser

Stop Tap Chamber Assembly with 750mm high riser£23.45 ex. VAT£28.14 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

What Is A Water Stop Tap Box?

A water stop tap box is designed to protect the buried stop tap from damage due to the elements or passing traffic. Made from metal or plastic, the water stop tap box is designed to be water tight as well as strong enough to be stood on or even to be driven over by vehicles depending on the specifications. The top of an inspection chamber, which can be found in most underground drainage, allows access to the stop tab below and, buried as part of the pipe system that it controls, allowing for operation or maintenance. This allows repairs to be made and the stop tap to be operated on where necessary, which can save vital time in an emergency or prevent damage to the system from wear and tear. If you would like to purchase a water stop tap or stopcock cover, we have a wide range available in our Plasson pushfit fittings range.

What Types Of Water Stop Tap Box Are Available?

The Drainage Shop range of water stop tap box products includes a variety of different options to help you get the job done, including different materials and different applications. This range includes stop tap box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - black polypropylene and stop tap chamber assembly with 750mm high riser. The principle element of the stop tap box system is the Stop Tap Chamber, which is the vessel that the stop tap sits inside and allows access to the water stop tap from the surface. This is a 1500mm high tube which can be cut to the right length, and is reinforced to bear the weight of earth on all sides, featuring a base plate on the bottom so it can be secured. On top of this can be affixed one of three types of stop tap box, two plastic varieties that are 235mm x 235mm and 185mm by 190mm respectively, and a cast iron surface box variation that is 152mm x 127mm.

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Stop Tap Box?

All stop tap box and stopcock cover options at the Drainage Shop are made from high quality plastic that is tough, durable and heavy duty, designed to perform well and last for long periods of time in all weathers. A water stop tap box is easy to clean and maintain as well as light and easy to install, meaning they’re very cost effective to buy and fit. This is especially important when dealing with in-ground and below-ground installations which have to withstand bad weather as well as the pressure and changing shape of the ground. This stop tap box range also features a cast iron water stopcock cover, which is designed to be able to hold even greater loads than the plastic variety, so that it isn’t damaged by a higher level of passing traffic. It is also extremely resistant to the weather and to constant use, making it a great choice for a demanding environment.

The Drainage Shop water stop tap box range is a great choice to give you the confidence to install a stop tap access system that is robust enough to handle the rigours of external use while still operating as advertised throughout the product’s whole life. The ability to access the stop tap when necessary as well as to perform maintenance and to replace it is vital to ensuring it functions properly, and can mean the difference between an easily repaired system and one that breaks and causes damage.

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