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Surface Boxes

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Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'Gas' 150mm x 150mm x 76mm Deep

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'Gas' 150mm x 150mm x 76mm Deep£28.50 ex. VAT£34.20 inc. VAT

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'W' 152mm x 127mm x 75mm Deep

Cast Iron Surface Box Badged 'W' 152mm x 127mm x 75mm Deep£23.20 ex. VAT£27.84 inc. VAT

9'' Surface Box (235mm x 235mm x 75mm) Badged Water

9" Surface Box (235mm x 235mm x 75mm) Badged Water£13.56 ex. VAT£16.27 inc. VAT

Stop Tap Box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - Black Polypropylene

Stop Tap Box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - Black Polypropylene£5.43 ex. VAT£6.52 inc. VAT

Cable TV Surface Box Badged CATV

Cable TV Surface Box Badged CATV£4.40 ex. VAT£5.28 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

An Introduction to Surface Boxes

A surface box is a type of drainage system component that is installed above the surface of the ground. These are typically used in conjunction with a number of other underground drainage pipes such as soakaway crates and inspection chamber & gullies, with the main responsibility of a surface box being to collect and distribute stormwater runoff. Surface boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs, with these typically being made from durable materials such as concrete or plastic, with this intentional design being used to withstand the forces of flowing water.

Features and Benefits of Surface Boxes

One of the primary benefits of a surface box is that they provide easy access to the underground drainage. This is important for maintenance and repair purposes, as it allows workers to easily inspect and clean the pipes without having to dig up the ground. In general, a surface box increases the overall cost-effectiveness, as it negates the need for extensive manpower and machinery in order to assess the conditions. What's more is that surface boxes are versatile and can be used in a variety of different environments and soil conditions. 

However, it's not just the efficiency they increase, as a surface box can help to improve the overall effectiveness of the drainage system. By providing a central location for stormwater to collect and be distributed, a surface box can help to evenly distribute the flow of water, reducing the risk of flooding and erosion to nearby areas, environments and buildings. Furthermore, a surface box can also serve as a safety feature. By providing an opening on the ground surface, they allow excess water to escape, reducing the risk of water damage. This can help to prevent costly repairs and minimise the risk of injury or property damage.

In addition to all this, actually fitting a surface box is a relatively simple process that can typically be done by a singular person, with this same benefit applying to a plethora of products we have at The Drainage Shop. This typically involves clearing away any debris or vegetation and levelling the ground to ensure that the surface box sits evenly and securely. After securing them down, these surfaces can then be connected to the drainage pipes easily using various different couplers. 

Surface Boxes at The Drainage Shop

The Drainage Shop houses a number of different surface boxes you could possibly choose from. Although these differ in a host of different ways from one another, all of the ones we stock are 76mm in depth. However, the overall sizes of these change from box to box, as we have ones ranging from cast iron surface box badged 'gas' 150mm x 150mm x 76mm deep, stop tap box 185mm x 190mm x 75mm - black polypropylene, all the way up to 9" surface box (235mm x 235mm x 75mm) badged water. Therefore, depending on the amount of surface water your project may face, there is a different-sized surface box that can accommodate your needs. 

What's more is that a surface box can come in a number of different materials, one of these being cast iron. This is a great choice as not only is it strong and durable, but it is also corrosion-resistant, meaning it will last a lengthy amount of time without showing any signs of weathering or cracking. Due to this material and other similar ones being used in their construction, their appearance is often dark in colour, most commonly black. Therefore, a surface box won't distract from the aesthetics of the surrounding areas, easily blending in. However, should you want a more stand-out one for your project, we also stock a yellow gas surface box.


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