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Polypropylene Rope

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6mm Drawcord x 220m

6mm Drawcord x 220m£12.00 ex. VAT£14.40 inc. VAT

6mm Drawcord x 30m

6mm Drawcord x 30m£3.95 ex. VAT£4.74 inc. VAT

6mm Drawcord x 500m Drum

6mm Drawcord x 500m Drum£32.50 ex. VAT£39.00 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items


An Introduction To Polypropylene Rope

If you’re looking for a light, durable and resistant rope for use in securing drainage items both before and during installation, then the polypropylene rope products we offer could be the answer. The strength of this synthetic polypropylene rope makes it ideal for securing heavy loads during transportation and storage, alongside aiding in the building and maintenance of drainage systems. Whether it is a drainage system that involves twinwall ducting or blue water pipe ducting, the polypropylene rope can come in handy when it comes to the construction of a drainage system.

There are a number of polypropylene rope products available to purchase from the Drainage Shop to suit any requirements you may need. Polypropylene rope can have many uses and is fairly inexpensive compared to natural and other synthetic rope materials, making this product popular for workers of different trades. 

Features and Benefits of Polypropylene Rope

The polypropylene fibres used in developing polypropylene rope has a number of benefits when compared to other materials. The high strength of polypropylene rope against the lightweight feel of these products means they can withstand huge amounts of pressure without breaking. The water resistance of polypropylene makes this rope ideal for working with drainage products, including ducting pipes and accessories. Along with its water resistance, polypropylene is buoyant, meaning it will not sink when exposed to water which could be useful when used in a drainage system.

Polypropylene rope can take part in several jobs in drainage systems, including the placement and removal of system parts, once again thanks to the water resistance of this product. The buoyancy of polypropylene rope can be used to help components in a drainage system stay at the water level, such as level indicators used to display the water level of a system. The obvious use of Polypropylene rope for securing components is also very viable when installing drainage systems. In addition, this rope can also improve the overall safety when transporting and moving drainage components, a benefit that can also be applied to underground warning marker tape.

Polypropylene Rope at The Drainage Shop

The advantages of polypropylene rope are clear, and if you are looking to implement some in any future work, we offer a range of drawcord items to choose from. You can purchase different reels of polypropylene drawcord on-site that vary in size to suit the requirements of any job. The smallest product we offer, a 30m drawcord, is great for one-time users looking to implement this product with a single job they are undertaking. All of these polypropylene cords come rolled up, allowing the user to unroll and cut off pieces they need during use. If you think you will need more rope, the 500m drawcord drum is a popular product ensuring the user will not run out of rope in a hurry. All of our polypropylene rope items come in a blue colour that helps them to stand out when in use; this can help to locate the rope and deter anyone from accidentally falling over it. 

The range of polypropylene rope products that we offer is perfect for anyone, no matter the job they are undertaking. The strength and durability of polypropylene drawcord rope make it an extremely useful tool for the construction and maintenance of any drainage system. Check out these and all of the other products at the Drainage Shop that can be dispatched to your front door today!

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