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Blue Water Pipe Ducting

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Blue Twinwall Duct 110mm x 50m Coil

Blue Twinwall Duct 110mm x 50m Coil£153.00 ex. VAT£183.60 inc. VAT

Blue Twinwall Duct 63mm x 50m Coil

Blue Twinwall Duct 63mm x 50m Coil£61.50 ex. VAT£73.80 inc. VAT

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An introduction to Blue Water Pipe Ducting

In regards to ducting pipes, this is a collective term that groups together a number of products that are designed and constructed in a similar fashion. However, each of the various types of ducting performs a different specialist role, and their individual construction prioritises different requirements and functions. One of the main types you can view at The Drainage Shop is the collection of blue water pipe ducting with the primary role of this being to transport and carry water. These offer a number of benefits thanks to their unique design, all of which we will be covering for you.

Features and benefits of Blue Water Pipe Ducting

One key factor of blue water pipe ducting you can probably denote from the name is their distinctive blue colour.  This unique colour code allows these to distinctively stand out from other similar products such as the red electrical ducting pipes, allowing the ease of identification during maintenance and general repairs.

When it comes to the materials used in blue water pipe ducting, these are usually either PVC or HDPE. PVC is especially renowned for its impressive durability and overall resistant nature, and due to this, these ducting pipes ensure a safe passage for fluid and water transportation. These pipes surround already established systems, shielding the pipes from any elements that could potentially cause damage. 

The materials used in blue water pipe ducting is also extremely versatile, with them being applicable to a whole host of alternative above ground and underground drainage products. This is because these can be positioned and shaped in a whole host of different ways, depending on the respective product they are integrated in.  Their lightweight nature means they can easily be transported and moved via the help of polypropylene rope too! Additionally, thanks to the fitting types these blue water pipe ducting products come paired with, they can be implemented easily alongside other accessories.

Blue Water Pipe Ducting at The Drainage Shop

The blue water pipe ducting products housed at the Drainage Shop are all 50m in length, however, in order to best suit application, these come in different diameters. These include the 63mm and 110mm products, and their different diameters can accommodate different volumes of water and other fluids that need transporting. In order to align to more specific requirements though, the length of these blue water pipe ducting products can easily be cut down.

The main type of blue water pipe ducting on site are twinwall ducting pipes. These are distinctive in regards to their construction, with the outside of these pipes being corrugated and the inside being a smoother surface. Consequently, the interior can seamlessly and efficiently carry water from one location to another, all whilst the sturdy and durable exterior can protect the pipe from external impact and other elemental factors. All of the factors we have already mentioned apply to these products as well, ensuring a secure and overall reliable application that can distribute water.

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