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What Are Plasson Compression Fittings?

Compression fittings are a type of pipe connector that allows the user to connect two pipes that are made of different materials. The compression fitting uses pressure to keep the two pipes together, which is achieved by tightening a nut on the Compression Fitting until it has the appropriate amount of grip. Plasson is an Israeli manufacturer that is one of the world’s premier makers of the fittingly named Plasson compression fittings, and we have a large selection of their products in stock at the Drainage Shop, so you’ll be able to complete any and every job to a high standard using their parts.

Features And Benefits of Plasson Compression Fittings?

All the products in the Plasson compression fittings catalogue are a great choice for a number of reasons, firstly because they allow you to join two underground drainage pipes that are made of very different materials such as plastic and metal. They are also really easy to use, because they don’t require any adhesives or welding to connect the two parts, which is much cleaner and faster. Plasson compression fittings are also available in a range of sizes, so that there are always options for your project no matter the diameter of your pipe, from 25-20mm all the way to 110-90mm. A further advantage of Plasson compression fittings is that they can be disassembled and re-used if you need to, if you want to make changes or replacements to the system further down the line, which is another useful cost saving feature.

The Plasson compression fittings range is the complete way to carry out a pipe installation, particularly if there are different materials involved. Thanks to their high quality construction and the huge variety of products on offer, there’s always something that will help you get the job done, and with such a large range of sizes on offer it’s easy to find exactly what you need. If this Plasson compression fittings range doesn't have the product you need, we also have a range of MDPE compression fittings which may be able to assist you.

Plasson Compression Fittings At The Drainage Shop

One of the biggest strengths behind the Plasson brand is the sheer size of its range, which offers a huge amount of choice as well as extremely useful parts that can be used to carry out all kinds of different jobs – even difficult ones. With nearly 30 product categories there is a lot of choice, and plenty of different types of parts, including: couplings, which are designed to simply allow you to connect one pipe to another; reducing tees of different sizes and angles designed to allow you to change the diameter of your pipe; a variety of elbow angles which includes Plasson Reducing Elbows, 45° Elbows, and 90° Elbows Female Offtake to name a few. These elbows allow you to make corners in your pipe system; adaptors that allow you to connect one type of pipe to another.

All of the parts in the Plasson compression fittings range are made from high quality plastic that is designed to be hard wearing and durable enough to perform to a high standard despite years of constant use. They are easy to clean and maintain as well as easy to fit, making them an extremely cost effective choice in the long term. Anyone can fit these parts using just the Plasson compression fittings instructions.

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