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Plasson Tools and Accessories

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Plasson Mechanical Wrench 16-40mm (7990)

Plasson Mechanical Wrench 16-40mm (7990)£5.69 ex. VAT£6.83 inc. VAT

Plasson Mechanical Wrench 40-75mm (7990)

Plasson Mechanical Wrench 40-75mm (7990)£35.74 ex. VAT£42.89 inc. VAT

Plasson Mechanical Wrench 63-125mm (7990)

Plasson Mechanical Wrench 63-125mm (7990)£49.38 ex. VAT£59.26 inc. VAT

Plasson Pushfit Wrench 20-32mm (1099)

Plasson Pushfit Wrench 20-32mm (1099)£21.72 ex. VAT£26.06 inc. VAT

Plasson Pushfit Wrench 40-63mm (1099)

Plasson Pushfit Wrench 40-63mm (1099)£37.51 ex. VAT£45.01 inc. VAT

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m for Water

PTFE Tape 12mm x 12m for Water£0.65 ex. VAT£0.78 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

An Introduction To Plasson Tools And Accessories


Plasson tools and accessories encompass a range of specialised equipment designed to complement and facilitate the installation of Plasson compression fittings. These tools and accessories are integral to various plumbing tasks, especially in the assembly and maintenance of water supply and underground drainage systems. Available at specialised retailers like the Drainage Shop, they include items like pipe cutters, wrenches, and sealing components, each designed to work seamlessly with Plasson's line of fittings.


Plasson tools and accessories serve essential functions in the installation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing systems. They are designed to ensure that Plasson compression fittings are installed correctly and securely. This includes tools for cutting pipes to the correct length, tightening fittings to the appropriate degree, and ensuring seals are properly in place. Their use is vital in systems ranging from household plumbing to large-scale underground drainage projects.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson Tools And Accessories


The benefits of Plasson tools and accessories are manifold. They provide precision and ease in installing and maintaining Plasson compression fittings, crucial for reliable underground drainage and water systems. Their tailored design for Plasson products ensures optimal functionality and reduces the risk of incorrect installation. Using these specialised tools can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of plumbing projects, saving time and reducing the likelihood of leaks or system failures.


Features of Plasson tools and accessories include their high-quality construction, designed for durability and precision. They are specifically tailored to work with Plasson's range of fittings, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. These tools often feature ergonomic designs for comfortable handling and efficiency, and they are built to withstand the rigours of professional plumbing environments. Their range is comprehensive, covering a wide array of tasks required in plumbing installations.


Plasson Tools And Accessories At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop holds a few Plasson tools and accessories, such as the mechanical wrenches that come in various sizes; the Plasson 16-40mm Mechanical Wrench as well as the 63-125mm Plasson Mechanical Wrench are both vital. Both of these plus all of the other options on site also maintain cost effective price points.

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