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90 Elbows (7050)

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110mm Plasson 90 Elbow

110mm Plasson 90 Elbow£184.95 ex. VAT£221.94 inc. VAT

160mm Plasson 90 Elbow

160mm Plasson 90 Elbow£292.49 ex. VAT£350.99 inc. VAT

20mm Plasson 90 Elbow

20mm Plasson 90 Elbow£4.55 ex. VAT£5.46 inc. VAT

25mm Plasson 90 Elbow

25mm Plasson 90 Elbow£6.71 ex. VAT£8.05 inc. VAT

32mm Plasson 90 Elbow

32mm Plasson 90 Elbow£11.02 ex. VAT£13.22 inc. VAT

50mm Plasson 90 Elbow

50mm Plasson 90 Elbow£23.36 ex. VAT£28.03 inc. VAT

63mm Plasson 90 Elbow

63mm Plasson 90 Elbow£30.99 ex. VAT£37.19 inc. VAT

90mm Plasson 90 Elbow

90mm Plasson 90 Elbow£112.82 ex. VAT£135.38 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

An Introduction To Plasson 90 Degree Elbows


Plasson 90 Degree Elbows, available at the Drainage Shop, are fundamental components in modern plumbing and water management systems. Particularly valued in MDPE pipe systems, these elbows are essential for efficient and effective underground drainage, as well as in a variety of other plumbing configurations. Their design is pivotal in facilitating a 90-degree directional change in piping, crucial for navigating the complex layouts often encountered in construction and utility installations.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson 90 Degree Elbow


These elbows are manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring robustness and longevity, which are vital attributes in both domestic and industrial settings. The primary function of Plasson 90 Degree Elbows is to allow for a sharp 90-degree turn in piping systems. This feature is particularly important in underground drainage networks, where space constraints necessitate precise directional changes. 


The use of Plasson compression fittings in these Plasson 90 Degree Elbows underscores their ease of installation and reliability. They provide a leak-proof and secure connection, essential for maintaining the hydraulic efficiency and overall integrity of water systems.


Plasson 90 Degree Elbows At The Drainage Shop


At the Drainage Shop, a wide array of Plasson 90 Degree Elbows is offered, catering to diverse requirements of different pipe systems. The range includes various sizes, such as the 20mm Plasson 90° Elbow, which is ideal for smaller pipe networks often used in residential properties. 


For larger scale Plasson 90 Degree Elbows, such as in commercial buildings or public utility works, the 110mm Plasson 90° Elbow is a more suitable option. These fittings are not only functional but also economically priced, making them a cost-effective choice for both short-term and long-term projects. Their role in ensuring efficient water flow and system integrity, especially in challenging underground environments, cannot be overstated.

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