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90 Reducing Elbows (7510)

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25mm x 20mm Plasson 90 Reducing Elbow

25mm x 20mm Plasson 90 Reducing Elbow£7.74 ex. VAT£9.29 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows


Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows are a significant component in MDPE pipe systems, especially useful in complex plumbing layouts and underground drainage systems. Available at the Drainage Shop, these elbows are designed to not only facilitate a 90-degree directional change in piping but also to reduce the pipe size in a seamless transition. 


Regardless of the application you will be using these Plasson 90 degree reducing elbows in, whether its a commercial, residential or industrial property, they will get the job done to the highest standard and connect everything up to your underground drainage from other plumbing facilities.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbow


Constructed from high-quality materials, these reducing elbows are built for durability and reliability, making them suitable for long-term use in diverse environments. These Plasson compression fittings are very important. The key functionality of Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows lies in their ability to combine a 90-degree turn with a reduction in pipe diameter. 


This feature is particularly beneficial in underground drainage systems where space optimization and precise directional changes are essential. The use of Plasson compression fittings in these Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows ensures ease of installation, providing a secure and leak-proof connection. They are compatible with various sizes of MDPE pipes, enhancing their versatility in different plumbing scenarios.


Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop offers the 25mm x 20mm Plasson 90° Reducing Elbow, a fitting that caters to a common need in plumbing systems requiring both a size transition and an angular change. These Plasson 90 Degree Reducing Elbows are ideal for situations where a smaller pipe size is needed after a turn, ensuring efficient flow and connection integrity. Its design and construction make it a preferred choice for professionals in need of reliable, durable, and practical solutions for plumbing and underground drainage systems.

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