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Repair Couplings (7610)

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110mm Plasson Repair Coupling

110mm Plasson Repair Coupling£115.62 ex. VAT£138.74 inc. VAT

125mm Plasson Repair Coupling

125mm Plasson Repair Coupling£232.21 ex. VAT£278.65 inc. VAT

20mm Plasson Repair Coupling

20mm Plasson Repair Coupling£4.44 ex. VAT£5.33 inc. VAT

25mm Plasson Repair Coupling

25mm Plasson Repair Coupling£5.33 ex. VAT£6.40 inc. VAT

32mm Plasson Repair Coupling

32mm Plasson Repair Coupling£12.02 ex. VAT£14.42 inc. VAT

50mm Plasson Repair Coupling

50mm Plasson Repair Coupling£24.52 ex. VAT£29.42 inc. VAT

63mm Plasson Repair Coupling

63mm Plasson Repair Coupling£34.22 ex. VAT£41.06 inc. VAT

90mm Plasson Repair Coupling

90mm Plasson Repair Coupling£67.74 ex. VAT£81.29 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

An Introduction To Plasson Repair Couplings


Plasson Repair couplings are a pivotal element in the maintenance and repair of pipe systems, offering a practical solution for fixing leaks or damages. These couplings are particularly essential in scenarios where pipe integrity is crucial, such as in water supply networks and underground drainage systems. Their design caters to both minor and significant repair needs, making them a versatile tool in the plumbing arsenal.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson Reducing Couplings


Constructed from top-tier materials, Plasson Repair couplings are synonymous with resilience and longevity. Their primary function is to mend pipes, ensuring a tight and secure connection that restores the system's integrity. This feature is vital in preventing water loss and maintaining system pressure, especially in critical applications like water distribution and underground drainage.


The simplicity of the Plasson compression fitting design allows for quick and straightforward installation, minimising downtime and making them suitable for emergency repairs. Their compatibility with a wide range of pipe materials and diameters further enhances their utility in diverse piping environments.


Plasson Reducing Couplings At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop has an assortment of Plasson Repair couplings designed to address various repair scenarios. These couplings like the 110mm Plasson repair coupling ensure a reliable seal, which is critical for the uninterrupted operation of any pipe system. Their robust construction makes them ideal for both surface-level and subterranean applications, providing a dependable solution for both immediate and long-term repair needs.


Despite their specialised nature, Plasson Repair couplings such as the small 20mm Plasson repair coupling are available at reasonable prices. This cost-effectiveness, combined with their superior quality, makes them an excellent choice for a range of repair projects, from small-scale residential fixes to large-scale infrastructure repairs. Their role in maintaining the efficiency and functionality of pipe systems, particularly in challenging environments like underground settings, underscores their value in the field of plumbing and water management, whether choosing a smaller option or a large one like the 125mm Plasson repair coupling.

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