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Wall Plate Elbows (7750)

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20mm x '' Wall Plate Elbow

20mm x " Wall Plate Elbow£9.22 ex. VAT£11.06 inc. VAT

25mm x '' Wall Plate Elbow

25mm x " Wall Plate Elbow£12.29 ex. VAT£14.75 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To Plasson Wall Plate Elbows


On the Drainage Shop site, Plasson Wall Plate Elbows are one of the many products available for all plumbing, guttering and soil management needs. Plasson Wall Plate Elbows are specialised plumbing fittings designed for securely attaching pipework to a wall or a flat surface. Typically used in water supply systems, these elbows combine a 90-degree bend with a wall-mountable plate. The design includes a female-threaded connection on one side and a compression fitting for MDPE pipes on the other, facilitating easy and stable pipe connections at a right angle from the wall.


Features and Advantages of Plasson Wall Plate Elbows


Plasson Wall Plate Elbows feature a durable design with corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring longevity. They offer a secure, leak-proof connection between the pipe and the threaded outlet, and the integrated wall plate allows for a stable, fixed installation. These elbows are designed for ease of installation, catering to both professional and DIY plumbing needs. These Plasson compression fittings are specially designed to complete all of the tasks they are made for.


Plasson Wall Plate Elbows provide several benefits, including space-saving installation by neatly aligning pipes along walls. They ensure a sturdy, fixed point for pipe connections, reducing stress on the piping system. Additionally, their robust construction minimises the risk of leaks, contributing to a reliable and maintenance-free water supply system in residential and commercial settings. These elbows are ideal to connect when there are sharp corners or when navigating to connect systems to underground drainage systems that would otherwise be impossible to reach and connect with.


Plasson Wall Plate Elbows At The Drainage Shop


As mentioned, these Plasson Wall Plate Elbows can be purchased from the Drainage Shop site. With 24/7 delivery, competitive prices, and the best range of products from any online drainage supplier, you will find the right product you need. This includes both the 20mm x ½" Wall Plate Elbow and the 25mm x ¾" Wall Plate Elbow to name a few.

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